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Route Reflectors configuration on Cisco devices

route reflectors

Route reflectors became an essential part of any larger internet service provider’s environment. It would be hard to imagine multiple routers running BGP in full mesh topology these days when scalability is the key. The complete route reflector concept can be found in RFC4456, which dates back to 2006. It’s very …

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HSRP : the definitive guide


Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) is a Cisco proprietary default gateway redundancy protocol. If the primary gateway fails, HSRP automatically redirects hosts to the the backup gateway. HSRP has been covered in few RouterFreak's articles such as: Comparing HSRP vs VRRP How to configure HSRP on a Cisco router First Hop Redundancy …

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GNS3 network simulator for CCNA

gns3 ccna

GNS3 network simulator has become part of the daily work for many network engineers around the world. It became so popular that it even surpassed other network virtualization training solutions. It all started with Dynamips  written by Christophe Fillot in 2005. The software was used for emulation of some of …

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