IP subnetting made simple.

Solve any subnetting problem in less than 1 minute.

IP subnet calculations don't need to be complex. This guide will teach you the easy subnetting technique that will help you to solve any IP question very quickly and without any obscure math.

Don't be unprepared next time, impress your peers and customers or pass an exam cracking the solution in just 1 minute!

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Why You Need To Know This...

  • The One-Minute Technique

    Be the Wizard of IP Networks, providing answers when others are still thinking.

  • No Obscure Math Required

    No complex binary calculations, a very easy procedure with next-to-zero math required.

  • Pass Certification Exams

    Don’t waste time when you most need it, answer with confidence using this technique.

Can You Solve These in 1 Minute?

  • Example 1

    Find the subnet to which the IP address belongs.

  • Example 2

    Find the valid IP address range for hosts and the IP broadcast address for the subnet of the IP address

  • Example 3

    Find the valid IP address range for hosts and the broadcast address for the subnet of the IP address

  • Example 4

    Calculate the correct subnet mask to partition the IP address block into 27 subnets with 900 hosts each.

  • Example 5

    Calculate all the subnets in the IP address block

After Learning the Easy Subnetting Technique, You Will.

Meet the Author

Valerio Plessi, Network Consultant Engineer

Valerio Plessi is a CCIE R&S certified Network Consultant Engineer with 10+ years of experience in IT. In the past, he worked for Cisco Systems as High Touch Technical Support Engineer, then he switched to Network Consulting taking care of large Enterprise and Service Provider customers.

What other Networkers say...

I personally have found the eBook very useful and an amazing way to learn IP subnetting. It was enough practice all the examples in the book to get a pretty good level with IP subnetting calculation (and with no math at all!). I have to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn subnetting so quickly!

- Badre Hamdane, Access IP Specialist at FASTWEB

The Easy Subnetting Technique used for IP subnetting is the best I've tried. I am a Computer Science student, and with this eBook I got the IP subnetting explained in a very simple and precise manner. I managed to pass the exam and to understand how to subnetting a network in real world. I think this eBook will be soon next to some other computer science bibles!

- Rocco Emanuele Bonanno, Computer Science student

Valerio is a professional networker with top notch certifications. His subnetting technique has helped me to better understand the subnetting concepts that are key factors in the daily job of a network engineer. Thanks for your book and your hints, absolutely recommended.

- Matthew Pizzamiglio

Great clarity of content and very easy understanding of the technical concepts!

- Andreas Brettner, Network Administrator at Urano GmbH
Get It Now for $17 USDregular price $19 USD

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