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Fluke Networks Announces 12 Trunk Fiber Tester

fluke fiber tester

Today Fluke Networks announced MultiFiber Pro, the industry’s first MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) fiber trunk tester that validates performance of all 12 trunk fibers in a single test – reducing testing time by 95 percent and saving the average data center $17,000 in labor costs. The new Fluke Networks MultiFiber …

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Mobile TFTP Server for the Data Center


by Andy Salo Have you ever been in the data center, or out in some remote wiring closet, and realized you need a router config from your TFTP Server and can’t access it? Many people don’t want to leave a TFTP Server continually running on their network since it is not …

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Visio Stencil Files

Need Visio Stencils? Have you ever been in the middle of a Visio diagram and realized you didn’t have a stencil for a particular Cisco network device?  Or how about needing Visio stencils for a Juniper or F5 load balancer?  Or any device in your data center? Wouldn’t it be …

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