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A Certification Does NOT Make You a Network Engineer

Don’t Drink Too Much of the Kool-Aid First let me see a show of hands of how many people know what a vendor certification is? … A vendor certification is created by a computer equipment manufacturer, like a Cisco, Juniper Networks or Microsoft to help train their minions to operate …

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Time–Based Access Control Lists

As you probably know, access control lists (ACLs in further text) are a means of providing firewall protection. Except the basic division on standard and extended ACLs, we distinguish between time-based, reflexive ACLs, turbo ACLs, and many other. The focus of this article are time-based ACLs, when should you use …

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Understanding OSPF Areas

OSPF areas

Whether you are preparing for the Cisco IP Routing exam or you are an experienced network engineer planning to implement the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol, you should familiarize yourself with the capability to divide your network into separate OSPF areas. Using multiple OSPF areas reduces the frequency …

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Router Stuck in ROMmon Mode

router components

If you have ever experienced a problem from the title, you probably came across one of the following: configuration register forced the router to go to ROMmon mode during the boot process corrupt image (IOS) on Flash (indicated by bad_checksum message) router was unable to find the IOS (either on …

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