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10 Tips to Prepare Your Next Cisco Certification

Keep calm and study Cisco

Whether you are an experienced network engineer, or an enthusiast at the beginning of your networking career, I am sure that you have thought at least once about how it would be beneficial to pass one or more of the prestigious Cisco certification exams. Besides your ambition and decision to certify, …

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How to understand Subnet Masks

IP subnetting

An IP address is a unique identifier for a device connected to a network. It’s a 32 bits number that converted in decimal covers the range 0-4.294.967.296 (i.e. 2 power 32). If the addressing space wasn’t hierarchically organized, it would be possible to connect around 4.3 billions network devices. To simplify the use …

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BGP Route Reflectors and their benefits

If you decided to read the content of this post, you probably know something (or a lot) about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and its benefits. Or I might be wrong, and you have heard about this cool protocol numerous times, but just did not figure out how it works. In either …

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