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How to understand Subnet Masks

IP subnetting

An IP address is a unique identifier for a device connected to a network. It’s a 32 bits number that converted in decimal covers the range 0-4.294.967.296 (i.e. 2 power 32). If the addressing space wasn’t hierarchically organized, it would be possible to connect around 4.3 billions network devices. To simplify the use …

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BGP Route Reflectors and their benefits

If you decided to read the content of this post, you probably know something (or a lot) about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and its benefits. Or I might be wrong, and you have heard about this cool protocol numerous times, but just did not figure out how it works. In either …

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Cisco Pix

Cisco PIX (Private Internet eXchange) is one of the most popular IP firewalls and network address translation (NAT) appliances. The PIX is a firewall appliance based on a hardened, specially built operating system, PIX OS, minimizing possible OS-specific security holes. The PIX runs a custom-written proprietary operating system originally called …

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