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Citrix Netscaler To Be Acquired By Cisco?

There’s been a lot of chatter lately on the next possible acquisition deal that Cisco may embark on. It would seem that Cisco could be looking to buy the Netscaler Application Delivery (read: load balancer) platform from Citrix. In several articles posted online from Barrons, StreetInsider.com, and NetworkWorld, per analysts from Oppenheimer, Cisco …

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How to Migrate your Network to the Cloud

By: Matt Smith Migrating to the cloud can save your business both time and money. In fact, O’Reilly Media reports that cloud implementation can save a company as much as 29 percent over three years. Furthermore, employees of companies with networks in the cloud can access data and applications from …

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It Look’s Like It’s Time to Move to IPv6!

Well friends, it seems that time has finally come.  We’ve been talking about it for more than a decade.   But now it has finally come true.  We are out of IPv4 address space and we finally need to move to IPv6. We all knew this day would come, but …

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