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Reaching for the Cloud: Transitioning to the New IT Solution

cloud computing

Cloud computing has virtually transformed the IT world, offering the industry a wider range of technological opportunities. This new era of the cloud comes with unmatched value and efficiency for the benefit of businesses when it comes to affordability, efficiency and stability. However, as with any innovation, the growth of cloud computing …

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Stepping onto IEEE toes with BFD? Ouch!


In this article Manav is reporting from behind the scene how a real problem is solved by IETF proposing a new standard. As you'll see, politics and bit-breaking technical knowledge are his daily share of fun! Nay, we would never do that. IETF shall never — ever, step onto another standardization …

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What is Radius Authentication Protocol?

Radius packets

As part of securing a network, access to your devices needs to be restricted and monitored. This includes direct access to routers, switches and servers but it can extend to allowing users to log on to particular services such as logging on to your ISP. It would be a tedious task if, for example, on …

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Firewall Migration: 8 Steps Practical Guide

firewall migration

As a security consultant, in the last years I’ve been involved in a good amount of projects about network firewall migration. As technology evolves and performance increases, it is normal to decide not only for a hardware upgrade but for a complete migration to a different vendor that is a …

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