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ICND1 – Module 1 – “Introduction”

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 1 “Introduction”   In this module we introduce you to the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician certification. The history of CCENT The demand for Cisco Network Engineers What to expect from the ICND 1 test We also review the CCNA certification as well …

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Broadcast Domains – Routing Between Segments

As your network begins to grow you start to see a need to logically separate different parts of your network into different broadcast domains. But what is a broadcast domains and how is it different from a collision domains? And how do I get two different broadcast domains to talk …

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Collision Domains and How to Manage Them

Collision Domains are layer 2 segments where computers can communicate over ethernet.  But what happens when your layer 2 ethernet segment gets too noisy and packets start colliding. Your network performance goes down the toilet and you starts getting complaints from your users.  Not a good thing! Welcome to the …

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Sample Module 3 – CCENT – Understanding the OSI Model

OSI Model

Welcome to the RouterFreak.com sample CCENT certification series. This is an example from module 3 of the CCENT video series. Classes are forming now! Signup today to pre-register for the CCENT Video eCourse. There is no obligation. This is simple to let you know when the new class goes live! …

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