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ICND 1 – Module 10 – LAN Switches

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 10 “LAN Switches”   In this 26 minutes video Joe gives an excellent introduction to local area network (LAN) switches. Why is a switch called switch?

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ICND 1 – Module 4 – “Basics of TCP/IP”


ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 4 “Basics of TCP/IP”   How the OSI Model and TCP/IP Relate Understanding the two address concept Why you need two addresses – MAC Address and TCP/IP Classful IP Addresses Public vs. Private Addresses

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There can be only one – Root Bridge


Spanning Tree and Switches are a lot like the Highlander – “there can be only one”  (root bridge in your spanning tree).  The process of electing a root bridge is very similar to Highlander in that switches will battle it out until one bridge is the root.  And all designated …

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