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F5 Load Balancer


F5 load balancers are very important devices for distributing and balancing application and network traffic across servers. That is done in order to increase system capacity, with a fast and seamless delivery of packets. We can divide load balancer appliance in general into two main categories. 1 – Transport layer load balancer …

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The 4 Steps to pass Cisco Certification Exams

how to pass cisco certification exams

To give yourself the best chance of passing Cisco Certification Exams, all you need is: Study material Study tools Learning technique(s) Time With these four things on your side you’re putting yourself in the best position to pass the exam. Let me elaborate on each of these points and why I feel they’re so …

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Wi-Fi Network Common Problems and Resolutions


The Wi-Fi is slow is a common complaint in the network world. Poor performance on a Wi-Fi network has many different causes, some of which include: Access Points  using legacy data rates such as 1 and 2 Mbps Too many devices transmitting on the same channel Accesso Points transmitting too …

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Software Defined Network: use cases from the real world

software defined network

Over the past few years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been paid a lot of attention to, by researchers and scientists. It is still an emerging technology that’s destined to replace the physical network design with a networking infrastructure controlled by software. It usually proves to be an adaptable, comparatively …

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