Alyssa Lamberti

Alyssa is a resident blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist for Obkio, a Montreal-based network performance monitoring software. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Alyssa has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing expert to help companies in the tech industry establish marketing strategies, create content, and grow their presence internationally. Alyssa is always looking for creative and innovative ways to share tech information with experts as well as everyday users.

3 SD-WAN Problems To Watch Out For

3 SD-WAN Problems

SD-WAN technology is the new big thing in networking. Promising more powerful performance and scalable deployment, SD-WAN is quickly replacing older network technology, like MPLS. Businesses often turn to SD-WAN to enhance their network (Internet, cloud, UC) performance. But, although SD-WAN is more powerful and flexible than its predecessor, it …

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