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Daniele Besana

Daniele is a freelancer consultant with 15 years of experience in network security, customer support, Linux and Salsa. He worked for Juniper Networks in Netherlands, providing support and consultancy on security projects across Europe and Middle-East.

3 Tips For Seamless VoIP Integration


Companies seek out VoIP because it enables productivity. Telecom assets were once defined by barriers – the kind that encumbered countless enterprise professionals. Even when, say, the phone and email needed to be used at the same time, these functions were siloed on separate hardware. Transcribing a voicemail to text …

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Who is a Network Engineer? Job Profile

Router and cable

A network engineer is a person responsible for the installation, management and monitoring of the computer networks of an organization. The goal of a network engineer is to make sure that the network is operating as expected, providing the best performances and availability. He might work as part of the internal …

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TunnelBear: Cuddly or Dangerous?

Tunnel Bear

There are two kinds of bears: the cuddly, teddy-bear type and the vicious, sneaky bear that will eat you alive if you’re not careful. TunnelBear, one of the biggest players in the freemium VPN market, is a little bit of both. TunnelBear has gotten increased press in the past few …

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A Look into Web Hosting 2014

Recent decreases in the cost of disk storage, server hardware, and other Web hosting expenses means 2014 will be a year of expansion for Web hosting services. From offering their customers more storage space for a lower cost, to providing cloud computing services, consumers have much to look forward to in the coming …

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Cloudy Forecast for Network Engineers?


The winds of change are blowing in the world of information technology. They have been for awhile, but speeds have picked up in recent years due to global markets demanding more efficiency out of most companies and industries. Coupled with the rise in remote service technology, it’s easy to see why most business …

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