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Review: Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer

Today I’m going to review Plixer’com’s netflow analyzer called Scrutinizer. Scruntizer is a free, yes you heard that right, FREE netflow analyzer for your Cisco router. Wikipedia defines Netflow as:an open but proprietary network protocol developed by Cisco Systems to run on Cisco IOS-enabled equipment for collecting IP traffic information. …

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Linux on Cisco Routers? Get Ready for AXP!

That’s right, run Linux right on your Cisco router! That’s what Cisco’s new Application eXtension Platform or AXP is doing. Now using a network card like a standard AIM module or network module for your ISR router you can load and run Linux on your router to run your applications …

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OSPF Compatability and LLS

Recently during an upgrade of a Cisco router I ran into a strange problem where my OSPF neighbors that were working prior to the upgrade stopped working after the upgrade. I also noticed that the broken neighbors were only to non-Cisco devices, namely Nortel Contivity VPN devices. I could see …

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Free Network Troubleshooting Tools

Tools for Network Engineers We’ve built a list of some great free and very useful network troubleshooting tools, scanners, and sniffers that all network engineers need to have in their tool kit.  This list is by far not inclusive.  If you know of a great tool that you use and …

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WebLinks for study and help

For those that are studying for their various Cisco certifications I have a few helpful links. These are in no way inclusive but have definitely helped me while studying for tests. Sadikhov forums Cisco IOS Packaging Cisco IOS reference guide Cisco Price List Waynes World

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