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HSRP vs VRRP: comparison of protocols

hsrp vs vrrp

When configuring high availability gateways between multiple routers you only have a couple of options to choose from. If you have all Cisco routers chances are you will be configuring and using HSRP to provide redundancy between your routers. If you have Juniper, Foundry (Brocade), or any another router you’ll …

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Nothing Says Love Like a Cisco ASR 9000

Cisco ARS 9000

We just saw this video and thought it was so hilarious we had to share it here on We’re a bit late for Valentines day but next year or even on your Anniversary, this is exactly what every spouse needs. We know they will just love the exceptional scalability, carrier-class reliability, …

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Understanding Ethernet Jumbo Frames

There seems to be a growing argument lately over network optimization and the use of Jumbo Frames.  With the cost of Gigabit networking continuing to go down, and 10 Gigabit (and greater) networks becoming more affordable, the impact of this decision is becoming more and more important. Knowing how and …

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How To Troubleshoot Crashes on an ASR-1006 Router

how to troubleshoot a crash

When working with the Cisco ASR router platform (or any router for that matter) you may run into situations where the router had some sort of issue and crashed. I know what your thinking – “ROUTERS AREN”T SUPPOSED TO CRASH!!” This is true and they usually don’t crash. But every …

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Cisco Sells Linksys

Cisco sells links

Linksys finds new home with Belkin Linksys is undoubtedly the most well known consumer home router on the market today.  Aquired by Cisco in 2003,  Linksys had high hopes (and so did Cisco) of breaking into the emerging small business market as well as boost its consumer presence. But like …

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Was 2012 the Year of Cloud Computing?

2012 cloud

As we wave good-bye to 2012, we look back on what has happened this past year and see which technologies really took a foot hold in networking. There are two technologies that seem to have really stood out more so this past year than ever before.   Both Cloud Computing and …

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Citrix Netscaler To Be Acquired By Cisco?

There’s been a lot of chatter lately on the next possible acquisition deal that Cisco may embark on. It would seem that Cisco could be looking to buy the Netscaler Application Delivery (read: load balancer) platform from Citrix. In several articles posted online from Barrons,, and NetworkWorld, per analysts from Oppenheimer, Cisco …

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