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How to Migrate your Network to the Cloud

By: Matt Smith Migrating to the cloud can save your business both time and money. In fact, O’Reilly Media reports that cloud implementation can save a company as much as 29 percent over three years. Furthermore, employees of companies with networks in the cloud can access data and applications from …

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Fluke Networks Announces 12 Trunk Fiber Tester

fluke fiber tester

Today Fluke Networks announced MultiFiber Pro, the industry’s first MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) fiber trunk tester that validates performance of all 12 trunk fibers in a single test – reducing testing time by 95 percent and saving the average data center $17,000 in labor costs. The new Fluke Networks MultiFiber …

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Are Network Engineers Merely High Tech Plumbers?

High Tech Plumbers

Why are network engineers so bitter about managing virtualization? Rivka Gewirtz Little Published: 13 Apr 2012 Network engineers are tired of being viewed as plumbers—especially when it comes to managing virtualization.  After all, the job of supporting virtualized traffic goes so much deeper than providing an always-available pipe. Systems teams …

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Juniper Training: Free Network Engineer Resources


What do you think about when you think about learning new networking technologies or even learning to become a Network Engineer?   Most people will no doubt say they think Cisco is the answer. But learning about networking and network engineering doesn’t have to involve Cisco at all.  There are …

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Mobile TFTP Server for the Data Center


by Andy Salo Have you ever been in the data center, or out in some remote wiring closet, and realized you need a router config from your TFTP Server and can’t access it? Many people don’t want to leave a TFTP Server continually running on their network since it is not …

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