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Senior Network Engineer, technology enthusiast, guitar and bass player. Joe Wilson is the creator of RouterFreak.com as well as other niche websites that can be found around on the Internets.

ICND 1 – Module 8 – Local Area Networks

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 8 “Local Area Networks”   In this 37 minutes video Joe shares his knowledge about local area networks (LAN). Starting from the history of the most fast-growing technology. Related Documents These docs might be helpful for this lesson MAC Vendor Lookup Lesson Quiz

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ICND 1 – Module 6 – TCP/IP Port Numbers

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 1 “TCP/IP Port Numbers”   In this 23 minutes video Jos explains all you need about TCP ports and port numbers. This video is part 3 in understanding the TCP/IP protocol stack and what a TCP port is as well as some of the …

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ICND1 – Module 3 – “The OSI Model”

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 3 “The OSI Model”   What is the OSI Model? We go over each layer of the OSI Model and give several tips for helping you memorize the seven layers of this networking standard. You Will Need to Memorize this: Physical Data Link …

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ICND 1 – Module 2 – “What is the Network”

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 2 “What is the Network”   What is a network? This module we review what a network is and what makes up a network. Functions of a Network Pieces of a Network Network Designs The Applications that use the network So the next …

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ICND1 – Module 1 – “Introduction”

ICND 1 – CCENT Video eCourse Module 1 “Introduction”   In this module we introduce you to the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician certification. The history of CCENT The demand for Cisco Network Engineers What to expect from the ICND 1 test We also review the CCNA certification as well …

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