Lazaros Agapidis

Lazaros Agapidis is a telecommunications and networking specialist with over twenty years of experience in network design, architecture, deployment, and management. He’s worked with multiple wired and wireless technologies including IP networks, fiber optics, Wi-Fi, as well as mobile communication networks. He has developed training content and courses for multiple vendors, and has been directly involved with teaching telecommunications for more than a decade. Over the years, he’s gained valuable first-hand experience from working on various large-scale telecom projects from both the enterprise as well as the telecom provider point of view.

Dealing with Difficult Users

As networking professionals, we’ve all been there. You come into work, read up on your latest trouble tickets and see one particular user’s name appearing over and over. You check your email and see the same name in your inbox. You listen to your voicemail, only to hear that same …

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