Best Mesh WiFi System For Spectrum (2024)

Best Mesh WiFi System For Spectrum

If you own a Spectrum internet plan but want to improve coverage throughout your home and access advanced features, finding the best mesh WiFi system for Spectrum is essential.

Although it is estimated that only 11% of households currently use a mesh system in the US, knowledge about the quality of mesh systems is increasing among consumers.

Mesh systems offer substantial advantages compared to WiFi extenders, especially in properties larger than 2,000 sq ft.

These benefits include having a unified network so that you have a single network login throughout the home, and automatic connection hand-off between mesh devices to ensure you are connected to the nearest WiFi access point for best connectivity.

Mesh systems also avoid the bandwidth issue commonly associated with WiFi extenders which take up to 50% of network bandwidth per extender.    

Editor's Choice
TP-Link Deco X55 Pro

Our top choice for the best mesh WiFi system for Spectrum is the TP-Link Deco X55 Pro as it is equipped with WiFi 6 technology that ensures you have seamless high-performance WiFi throughout your home by delivering speeds of up to 3000 Mbps and removing weak WiFi for good. Being an AI-driven mesh WiFi, the Deco X55 Pro intelligently learns your network to create ideal conditions that are unique to your devices and home.

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Tenda Nova MX21 Pro

Another great choice is the Tenda Nova MX21 which is a WiFi 6E mesh WiFi system that provides a coverage of up to 7300 sq. ft. and more stable and faster speeds, hence eliminating dead zones in your home. It is powered by OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology which brings lag-free experience and high-speed connections for over 200 devices.

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Almost all mesh WiFi systems are compatible with Spectrum but you will need to own a Spectrum-compatible modem to enable the system to work.

Our team tested over 20 mesh systems with Spectrum Internet plans and have narrowed down the choice to the top 7 systems which have been reviewed in this article.

Best Mesh WiFi For Spectrum (2024)

Below are the reviews of the best mesh WiFi systems that deliver consistent WiFi signals, higher speeds, and better performance for your entire home.

Each product has specific features that make it ideal for your specific internet needs such as gaming, budget-friendly, security, and smart home.

1. TP-Link Deco X55 Pro (Editor’s Choice)


The TP-Link Deco X55 Pro is equipped with WiFi 6 technology that ensures you have seamless high-performance WiFi throughout your home by delivering speeds of up to 3000 Mbps and removing weak WiFi for good.

The Deco X55 Pro eliminates dead spots and buffering by providing a coverage of up to 6500 sq. ft. and enabling you to connect more than 150 devices simultaneously.

This makes it better compared to the standard WiFi boosters and range extenders as it has reliable connections.


The TP-Link Deco X55 Pro offers superior wired ethernet backhaul and multi-gig device connectivity.

The two ports enable you to connect your streaming players, computers, and other wired devices for faster connectivity.

Being an AI-driven mesh WiFi, the Deco X55 Pro intelligently learns your network to create ideal conditions that are unique to your devices and home.

The cutting-edge network and IoT protection is a premium security service that ensures your devices and network are safe and secure. The Network Security Scan detects any potential internet security issues and threats.

This mesh system has a Quality-of-Service feature to ensure that high-consumption connections can have enough bandwidth.

We tested the QoS feature with a gaming connection and noticed a significant improvement in connection quality.

Parental Controls help to keep your network safe, especially for children as it blocks any inappropriate online content. To manage your network better, the Reports feature gives you statistics and insights about your WiFi.

You can set up the Deco X55 Pro in minutes using the Deco app by downloading it and following the on-screen instructions provided. The app will take care of the rest and you will be connected to the WiFi in no time.

The Deco X55 Pro works well with Alexa and you can manage your network using simple voice commands.

Who It’s For

The TP-Link Deco X55 Pro is recommended for individuals looking for a mesh system that delivers better WiFi performance, has advanced security features, and is easy to use and manage for their home.


  • Speed: 3000 Mbps
  • Range: Up to 6500 sq. ft
  • Bands: Dual-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11n, 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11ac
  • Number of Supported Devices: 150
  • Ports: 2 per pack (6 in total)


  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Can be paired with Alexa.
  • Has great security features.
  • Better WiFi performance.
  • Strong and reliable connections.


  • A bit slow when connecting to gaming consoles but can be improved with QoS feature.

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2. Tenda Nova MX21 (Runner-Up)


The Tenda Nova MX21 is a WiFi 6E mesh WiFi system that eliminates dead zones in your home by providing coverage of up to 7300 sq. ft and faster speeds.

The Tri-band Nova MX21 is powered by OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology which brings lag-free experience and high-speed connections for over 200 devices.


The Tenda Nova MX21 features the new 6 GHz frequency band which significantly minimizes signal interference and network congestion, providing a wireless network with the lowest-ever latency and fastest transmission.

All the units work together to form a mesh network which provides you with a seamless roaming experience.

You can set different SSIDs for 6 GHz, 5 GHz, and 2.4 GHz bands and choose a specific band to provide the fastest internet speeds for different devices depending on their needs.

When you move around the house, your devices will automatically connect to the strongest AP node.

You can easily set up the Tenda Nova MX21 using the Web GUL or Tenda WiFi app. Additionally, you can use the app or browser to manage and monitor the mesh network. Pushing the Mesh button enables you to add a new node to your existing Nova networks.

The built-in parental controls ensure that you can control the network status and schedule access to the internet for your kids.

You can generate monthly reports which enables you to understand your network better. Also, you can see the progress of your online devices in real time on your phone.

The built-in intelligent troubleshooting function helps to quickly resolve common failures in your network. You can run a bandwidth test at any time so that you can understand your network better.

Also, you can set up a speed limit, online period time, and guest access using your smartphone.

Who It’s For

The Tenda Nova MX21 is suitable for users who are looking for a mesh network that can provide seamless roaming throughout their home as well as wider coverage and strong signals.


  • Speed: Up to 5700 Mbps
  • Range: 7300 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Tri-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ax
  • Number of Supported Devices: 200
  • Ports: 3 per unit


  • Faster and stable connections.
  • Lower latency and strong signals.
  • Seamless roaming.
  • Wider coverage.
  • Easy setup and management.


  • Difficulty using the Guest Network feature on smart home devices.

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3. TP-Link Deco S4 (Budget Friendly)


The TP-Link Deco S4 uses the Deco Mesh technology to deliver a better WiFi experience with strong WiFi signals and faster WiFi speeds to cover your entire home.

The Deco S4 has better coverage compared to traditional routers as the three units work together to create a mesh network with a coverage of up to 5500 sq. ft. and eliminate dead zones.

The fast internet speeds of up to 1200 Mbps enable the Deco S4 to provide faster connectivity for up to 100 devices.


The TP-Link Deco S4 is a stable and seamless WiFi mesh that enables you to enjoy effortless roaming throughout your home as it uses one network name and password.

This enables your devices to automatically switch from one Deco to another as you walk around your house for the fastest possible speeds.

The Robust Parental Controls block inappropriate websites, suspend internet access, receive reports, and limit online time depending on the unique profiles created for each family member.

This makes it easy for you to keep your kids safe when they are online. We tested out these controls and found them very responsive and easy to use.

The Deco app which is available on iOS or Android devices will help you to set up the Deco S4 in minutes. The Alexa voice commands enable you to turn on or off the guest WiFi network.

Each Deco S4 comes with 2 ethernet ports (6 ports for a three-pack) and it supports wired ethernet backhaul to ensure that you have better speeds. You can use any of the Deco units as a WiFi router.

The Deco S4 has a self-healing mechanism that redirects traffic to keep you gaming and streaming when one of the units experiences a disruption or loses power.

The Adaptive Path Selection means that the Deco S4 automatically finds the best connection and path for every device.

Who It’s For

The TP-Link Deco S4 is ideal for users who are looking for a mesh system that is affordable and delivers fast and seamless WiFi in their entire home.


  • Speed: 1200 Mbps
  • Range: 5500 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Dual-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ac
  • Number of Supported Devices: 100
  • Ports: 6


  • Stable and fast coverage.
  • Seamless roaming with one name and password.
  • Reduced buffering and network interruption.
  • Easy setup and management.


  • Poor customer service.

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4. Netgear Orbi RBK762S (High Performance)


The Netgear Orbi RBK762S features WiFi 6 technology which enables you to have uninterrupted HD streaming, gaming, video conferencing, and more.

The RBK762S has a unique design that includes high-power, ultra-premium components to provide a coverage of up to 5000 sq. ft. and connect up to 75 devices at the same time.

You can connect this mesh system to your current cable modem, and you can use it instead of your WiFi router.


The Netgear Orbi RBK762S has 5 ethernet ports in total (2 on satellite and 3 on router). You can use these ports to connect to your storage drive, game consoles, computers, streaming players, and other wired devices.

The NETGEAR Armor software (1-year subscription included) delivers an automatic shield of security for your connected devices and entire network to ensure there is protection from hackers. The VPN provides added privacy to your network.

You can add an extra Orbi 760 satellite with the push of a button and expand your WiFi coverage according to your needs.

The Orbi app allows you to set up the RBK762S quickly using simple steps. First, download the app and follow the instructions provided. Next, plug the Orbi router to a power source and the modem.

Finally, place the Orbi satellite in a strategic part of your home, plug it in to the power source and connect it to the router, to establish the mesh WiFi network.

Who It’s For

If you are on the lookout for a top-performing mesh WiFi that is equipped with blazing-fast speeds, wider coverage, and award-winning security services.


  • Speed: Up to 5.4 Gbps
  • Range: Up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Tri-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ax
  • Number of Supported Devices: 75
  • Ports: 3 on router, 2 on satellite


  • Future-proof internet port for fast speeds.
  • Extensive coverage.
  • Advanced security features.
  • High-performing WiFi 6 technology.
  • Dedicated backhaul and tri-bans for maximum speeds.
  • Easy set up.


  • Difficulties when changing the system to access point mode.

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5. ASUS Rog Rapture GT6 (For Gaming)


The ASUS Rog Rapture GT6 can deliver speeds of up to 10,000 Mbps because it is equipped with multiple 160 MHz channels, high-performance backhaul, three bands, and WiFi 6 technology.

The GT6 has a coverage of up to 5800 sq. ft. because of the ASUS RangeBoost Plus technology and nine internal antennas.

The LAN aggregation and WAN port allow for faster-wired connectivity to your devices.


The additional Smart Antenna on the ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 detects the best signal based on direction and location for better backhaul performance.

The nodes ensure that you have strong signals for seamless gaming and video conferencing in your entire home.

The GT6 fully unleashes the power of WiFi 6 technology because the 6 GHz band brings a clear and third 160 MHz channel with no radar system interference.

The internal antennas prevent inconsistent speeds and signal drops hence eliminating dead zones in your home.

The GT6 provides better heat dissipation and convective effects as it has grills located on the bottom and top that are positioned well with the heat sink as well as vents on the sides that use a classic slash pattern.

Your network and devices are protected from internet attacks through advanced security features including Protection Pro, WPA3 security protocol, and advanced parental controls.

Also, the latest Safe Browsing feature ensures that you have a safe browsing experience by eliminating undesirable and harmful content from the results on your search engine.

Who It’s For

If you are trying to find a top-performing mesh WiFi that is equipped with great gaming features and delivers strong signals and wider coverage, the ASUS Rog Rapture GT6 is the option for you.


  • Speed: 10000 Mbps
  • Range: 5800 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Tri-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ac, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11ax
  • Number of Supported Devices: 75+
  • Ports: 4 Ethernet, 1 USB


  • Has better mesh performance.
  • Comes with built-in security software.
  • Has great features for gaming.
  • Delivers faster ethernet connections.


  • Users who are not serious gamers will not take advantage of the gaming features.

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6. Amazon eero 6 (For Smart Homes)


The Amazon Eero 6 ensures that you have WiFi throughout your home as it has a coverage of up to 5000 sq. ft.

The two bands deliver speeds of up to 500 Mbps and enable you to connect 75 plus devices simultaneously.

The WiFi 6 technology increases the efficiency of your network, delivers faster connectivity in every room, and reduces congestion, enabling every member of your family to download, stream, video call, and game without interruption.


The Amazon Eero 6 allows everyone in your home to connect to the WiFi and eliminates buffering and dead spots. Your connection does not slow down but stays strong when you add more devices to the network.

The Eero 6 can be easily set up using the Eero app. The first step is to download the app on your smartphone and connect your devices to the network, and TrueMesh technology will optimize your home.

The Eero app is one of the easiest apps to navigate in the market, with our testing team finding the Eero setup process very easy.

The Eero app provides you access to features such as Guest Network, Smart Home Hub, Multi-Admin, and WiFi scheduling.

The Zigbee smart home hub is a built-in system that enables you to unlock the potential of your WiFi when you connect your devices to Alexa and use it to control locks, lights, plugs, and more.

Also, Alexa allows you to control the access of your family members to the network, especially children, which removes the focus from screens to family time.

The automatic updates make sure you have the greatest and latest in eero WiFi and keep your devices and network secure and safe from online threats.

Since the Eero 6 is a cross-compatible system, it allows you to expand your system as your internet requirements change by adding Eero products.

Who It’s For

If you have a smart home and are looking for a mesh system that offers stable and reliable WiFi connections, the Amazon Eero 6 is the option for you as it allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time.


  • Speed: 500 Mbps
  • Range: 5000 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Dual-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ax
  • Number of Supported Devices: 75+
  • Ports: 2


  • Enables your devices to stream simultaneously.
  • Faster and reliable speeds throughout your home.
  • Minimized network congestion.
  • Works well with Alexa.
  • Easy to set up and manage.


  • You cannot use your computer’s browser to monitor the network.

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7. Netgear Nighthawk MK63S (Advanced Security )


With the Netgear Nighthawk MK63S, you can enjoy uninterrupted video games, improved gaming, loading content on your devices without delays, and smooth HD streaming because of the fast 1.8 Gbps internet speeds.

The WiFi 6 technology in MK63S offers more capacity than WiFi 5, allowing you to connect 25+ devices at the same time, and provides coverage of up to 4500 sq. ft.


The Netgear MK63S is equipped with MU-MIMO technology which allows your devices to have simultaneous streaming. Beamforming technology helps to concentrate the signal strength to certain devices that require more bandwidth.

Your devices and network are protected from internet attacks through the NETGEAR Armor.

Additionally, your children are protected from harmful online content through the Smart Parental Controls as it ensures access to only safe content. Both come with a free trial for 30-days.

You can easily setup the MK63S via the Netgear Nighthawk app. The app can also be used to pause the internet, perform internet speed tests, manage the network’s settings, and remotely access the network.

The two ethernet ports on the router and one port on the satellite allow you to establish wired connections to devices such as streaming players, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and computers for faster WiFi.

You can buy an extra MS60 satellite if you want to extend your WiFi coverage by 1500 sq. ft.

Who It’s For

The Netgear Nighthawk MK63S is a mesh WiFi router that offers advanced security to your network and devices as well as reliable, consistent connections.


  • Speed: 8 Gbps
  • Range: Up to 4500 sq. ft.
  • Bands: Dual-Band
  • Wireless Protocol: 11ax
  • Number of Supported Devices: 25 plus
  • Ports: 2 on router, 1 on satellite


  • Faster wired connections through the ethernet ports.
  • Easy setup and management.
  • The WiFi signals are strong and reliable.
  • Wider coverage.
  • Has advanced security features.


  • Problems when changing access points.

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Mesh WiFi For Spectrum

Spectrum Mesh WiFi Router

Speed Coverage

When deciding which mesh WiFi to buy for your home, you must understand its WiFi speed and coverage. The WiFi speed of a mesh system is affected by the WiFi standard it comes with.

The WiFi standards that are available for mesh systems include WiFi 5, WiFi 6, and WiFi 6E, and the latest WiFi 7 mesh systems are now being released.

WiFi 5 (802.11ac) is budget-friendly and has universal compatibility with internet devices. WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and WiFi 6E are the latest standards that provide technological advances like a third frequency band for ultra-fast speeds, but they are normally expensive.

Typically, mesh systems have wider coverages ranging from 2000 to 6000 sq. ft. Do note that higher frequency bands such as 6 GHz and 5 GHz have lower coverage than the 2.4 GHz band.

The coverage that you need is based on the size of your home. Fortunately, you can add an extra node to your network with mesh systems if you want to extend your home coverage.  


The best mesh system for Spectrum comes with advanced features like Beamforming, OFDMA, and MU-MIMO as explained below:

MU-MIMO provides a better network connection for multiple devices that are connected to the network simultaneously.

This technology enables your devices to communicate quickly with the router and access the signal without interruption, leading to better internet speeds.

OFDMA increases the amount of data carriers in a frequency channel to help minimize network congestion.

This technology ensures that you can engage in high-bandwidth internet activities such as streaming and gaming with no latency issues as it prevents bottlenecks.

Beamforming technology helps the antennas on your router to improve the signal’s precision while reducing interference for more reliable and faster internet in your entire home.

Number Of Supported Devices

Most modern homes have multiple devices that require internet connection simultaneously.

Most mesh systems for Spectrum allow you to connect between 20 and 100 devices, and some systems can even connect to 200 plus devices depending on your preference.

To find the best mesh system for your home setup, first, you need to count the number of devices that use the internet, and then add 10-20% on top to know the ideal number of supported devices the mesh system should deliver.

Beware that these figures are theoretical as the type of online activities needs to be considered as well.


Another feature to consider when buying a mesh system for Spectrum is the number of ports available on the device.

Ethernet ports enable you to connect wired devices to the router such as streaming players and gaming consoles for faster connectivity. Also, the ethernet port is required for connecting the router to the modem.

Regarding mesh systems, some have ports on both the router and the satellite while others have ports only on the router.

When considering the best mesh WiFi system for your household, you should work out the number of wired connections required and then look at mesh systems that can accommodate those demands.


Does A Mesh WiFi System Replace My Spectrum Router?

You can use a mesh system to replace your current Spectrum router. Mesh WiFi systems have a router and node (satellites) which you can put in different parts of your home to create a single network for better WiFi coverage.

However, if you do not want to replace your current router but want to extend your network, a WiFi extender is the option for you. 

Are All Mesh WiFi Systems Compatible With Spectrum? 

Pretty much all mesh systems are compatible with Spectrum internet plans, however, to ensure the system operates well, you will need to have a modem that is compatible with Spectrum.

To ensure you get the most out of your mesh system, we recommend the WiFi standard of the system is aligned with the speeds offered on your internet plan.

Do I Need A Separate Cable Modem?

As Spectrum is a cable internet provider, you will need to have a separate Spectrum-compatible modem in your household internet setup.

If you own a modem-router combo or gateway, you can place the device into bridge mode so that it functions as the modem only, then you can connect the mesh WiFi router and nodes.

Should I Use A Mesh WiFi System Or A WiFi Extender?

In terms of performance indicators such as speed and coverage, mesh systems outperform WiFi extenders.

However, mesh systems are pricey, consume more energy, and require a significant overhaul of your existing setup.

WiFi extenders are easy to set up, cheaper, and have reduced energy consumption, but each extender can take up to 50% of the total network bandwidth, which can ultimately slow down the network.

We recommend an investment in a mesh system is only worthwhile if you live in a property that is larger than 2,000 sq ft. For smaller properties, a quality router paired with WiFi extenders should suffice.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide has provided all the information you need to purchase a mesh WiFi system for Spectrum. However, if it is still difficult to decide which mesh WiFi to buy, here is our suggestion for the best mesh WiFi system for Spectrum:

The TP-Link Deco X55 Pro is equipped with WiFi 6 technology that ensures you have seamless high-performance WiFi throughout your home by delivering speeds of up to 3000 Mbps and removing weak WiFi for good.

Being an AI-driven mesh WiFi, the Deco X55 Pro intelligently learns your network to create ideal conditions that are unique to your devices and home.

Ensure that you refer to the buying guide for the factors that you need to consider when selecting the right mesh WiFi for Spectrum.

Daniele Besana

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