Software Defined Network: use cases from the real world

software defined network

Over the past few years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been paid a lot of attention to, by researchers and scientists. It is still an emerging technology that’s destined to replace the physical network design with a networking infrastructure controlled by software. It usually proves to be an adaptable, comparatively …

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Who is a Network Engineer? Job Profile

Router and cable

A network engineer is a person responsible for the installation, management and monitoring of the computer networks of an organization. The goal of a network engineer is to make sure that the network is operating as expected, providing the best performances and availability. He might work as part of the internal …

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Are Network Engineers Merely High Tech Plumbers?

High Tech Plumbers

Why are network engineers so bitter about managing virtualization? Rivka Gewirtz Little Published: 13 Apr 2012 Network engineers are tired of being viewed as plumbers—especially when it comes to managing virtualization.  After all, the job of supporting virtualized traffic goes so much deeper than providing an always-available pipe. Systems teams …

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We are Network Engineers

As a network engineer, so much of our daily job is filled with duties that are not necessarily related to networking.  No more is our day filled with just routers and switches. We wear many hats and are asked to do many things. Often times these duties are not always …

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