TunnelBear: Cuddly or Dangerous?

Tunnel Bear

There are two kinds of bears: the cuddly, teddy-bear type and the vicious, sneaky bear that will eat you alive if you’re not careful. TunnelBear, one of the biggest players in the freemium VPN market, is a little bit of both. TunnelBear has gotten increased press in the past few …

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A Look into Web Hosting 2014

Recent decreases in the cost of disk storage, server hardware, and other Web hosting expenses means 2014 will be a year of expansion for Web hosting services. From offering their customers more storage space for a lower cost, to providing cloud computing services, consumers have much to look forward to in the coming …

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Cloudy Forecast for Network Engineers?


The winds of change are blowing in the world of information technology. They have been for awhile, but speeds have picked up in recent years due to global markets demanding more efficiency out of most companies and industries. Coupled with the rise in remote service technology, it’s easy to see why most business …

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Reaching for the Cloud: Transitioning to the New IT Solution

cloud computing

Cloud computing has virtually transformed the IT world, offering the industry a wider range of technological opportunities. This new era of the cloud comes with unmatched value and efficiency for the benefit of businesses when it comes to affordability, efficiency and stability. However, as with any innovation, the growth of cloud computing …

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Stepping onto IEEE toes with BFD? Ouch!


Nay, we would never do that. IETF shall never — ever, step onto another standardization bodies toes, feet or anything that looks even remotely inviting. Drawing inspiration from Quentin Tarantino, where the story line keeps moving back and forth, and an enormous amount of cerebral energy is spent in keeping track of …

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Nothing Says Love Like a Cisco ASR 9000

Cisco ARS 9000

We just saw this video and thought it was so hilarious we had to share it here on We’re a bit late for Valentines day but next year or even on your Anniversary, this is exactly what every spouse needs. We know they will just love the exceptional scalability, carrier-class reliability, …

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Cisco Sells Linksys

Cisco sells links

Linksys finds new home with Belkin Linksys is undoubtedly the most well known consumer home router on the market today.  Aquired by Cisco in 2003,  Linksys had high hopes (and so did Cisco) of breaking into the emerging small business market as well as boost its consumer presence. But like …

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Was 2012 the Year of Cloud Computing?

2012 cloud

As we wave good-bye to 2012, we look back on what has happened this past year and see which technologies really took a foot hold in networking. There are two technologies that seem to have really stood out more so this past year than ever before.   Both Cloud Computing and …

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