Citrix Netscaler To Be Acquired By Cisco?

There’s been a lot of chatter lately on the next possible acquisition deal that Cisco may embark on. It would seem that Cisco could be looking to buy the Netscaler Application Delivery (read: load balancer) platform from Citrix. In several articles posted online from Barrons,, and NetworkWorld, per analysts from Oppenheimer, Cisco …

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How to Migrate your Network to the Cloud

By: Matt Smith Migrating to the cloud can save your business both time and money. In fact, O’Reilly Media reports that cloud implementation can save a company as much as 29 percent over three years. Furthermore, employees of companies with networks in the cloud can access data and applications from …

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Preparing the Network for Christmas


With another Christmas right around the corner many network shops are getting ready for the Christmas break. This can mean one of two things for you as a network engineer. Either lots of work with everyone off, or little work and lots of on-call. Either way, as a network engineer …

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Internet Reboots Today at 11:59UTC

by Craig Buckler You may have heard in the news, the Internet will be rebooted today and is expected to be down for around one minute. A global consortium of ISPs and technology companies has called for the action following several periods of instability over the past few years. A …

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Is Your Bandwidth Getting Too Big for Your Pipes?

Today many companies and IT departments are seeing their current DS3’s being utilized to their maximum ability.  Many are hitting their daily throughput of 40-45Mbs and don’t know what the best migration path might be.  With most companies still using serial HSSI interfaces that can’t be upgraded where do you …

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Bandwidth Solutions For Hungry Companies


Every business needs bandwidth solutions of some sort. For many businesses that require large amounts of bandwidth finding just the right solution….from a cost and application standpoint….can be a confusing process. It doesn’t have to be if you understand what to base your decision on. Like anything in information technology, …

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