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Configuration Tips

Help Make RouterFreak.com Better

We recently sent out a survey to the RouterFreak.com newsletter subscribers, asking their opinion on what matters most to them and what they would like to see here on RouterFreak.com.  The responses were fantastic!  If you would like to participate in the survey check it out here: Make RouterFreak.com Better! …

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Understanding Policy Routing

Policy Routing

Learning and understanding policy routing is crucial knowledge for any good network engineer. You’ll find quite a bit of policy routing going on in today’s production networks.  But what exactly is policy-based routing? Policy routing Policy-based routing, generally referred to as “policy routing”, is the use of route maps to …

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Moving Layer 3 to the Network Edge

With the advent of new technologies as well as the ability to have multi-layer switches at the access layer, Cisco is starting to change the game.  New network designs are pushing layer 3 routing out to the access switches creating a routed edge. Most campus and data center network designs …

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Understanding Wild Card Masks

wild card masks

Many engineers (at one time myself too) believe they understand wild card masks. If you ask someone they will most likely tell you that a wild card mask is just the opposite or reverse of a subnet mask. Unfortunately this isn’t quite correct. Yes, at first glance a wild card …

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Can’t write mem on ASA

Today while working on a config of a new ASA5510 I ran into a very strange error that I wanted to share with you. I was configured the ASA as usual. When I was finished, I issued the standard “write mem” and saw the most bizarre error message… asa# wr …

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