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Configuration Tips

Can’t write mem on ASA

Today while working on a config of a new ASA5510 I ran into a very strange error that I wanted to share with you. I was configured the ASA as usual. When I was finished, I issued the standard “write mem” and saw the most bizarre error message… asa# wr …

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Is Your Network Getting Backed Up?


Once your network is designed, installed and your users are happy, you next need to setup tools to keep an eye on things. There are many Network management tools available to provide us with the means to analyze what’s happening on the network. There are also a whole lot of …

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How to Setup EtherChannel

If you’ve ever run out of bandwidth on an up link you know you maybe thinking you need to setup an EtherChannel or PortChannel. But have you ever done it or are you wondering how to setup an etherchannel? This video does a great job of showing you how setup …

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Monitoring your network for topology changes

So, Your the senior network engineer for a nice large network. Everything is running smoothly until one day a primary link goes down and you seem to be the last one to know about it!  Everyone is running to you to find out whats going on and expecting you to …

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BGP Command “no syncronization”

When you are running BGP on two or more routers that border your network to the outside world, you will need to configure iBGP between all of these BGP peer routers. Just as a quick refresher, iBGP routers are routers that are in the same AS, eBGP routers are in …

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Linux on Cisco Routers? Get Ready for AXP!

That’s right, run Linux right on your Cisco router! That’s what Cisco’s new Application eXtension Platform or AXP is doing. Now using a network card like a standard AIM module or network module for your ISR router you can load and run Linux on your router to run your applications …

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OSPF Compatability and LLS

Recently during an upgrade of a Cisco router I ran into a strange problem where my OSPF neighbors that were working prior to the upgrade stopped working after the upgrade. I also noticed that the broken neighbors were only to non-Cisco devices, namely Nortel Contivity VPN devices. I could see …

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