3 Tips For Seamless VoIP Integration


Companies seek out VoIP because it enables productivity. Telecom assets were once defined by barriers – the kind that encumbered countless enterprise professionals. Even when, say, the phone and email needed to be used at the same time, these functions were siloed on separate hardware. Transcribing a voicemail to text …

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PIM Assert mechanism : Why and how

Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) – Sparse mode (PIM-SM) is a multicast routing protocol. PIM-SM is used when receivers are sparsely populated. PIM-SM uses explicit-join mechanism. PIM-SM can work on point-to-point link and ethernet LANs.   Why PIM Assert mechanism is required: We will use the network configuration shown in figure-1 …

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Getting Going with Cisco Router Simulators

For anyone who has ever needed to test a new network architecture, implement a new routing protocol or simply study for a Cisco exam has needed access to a real live router or a router simulator.  But buying a bunch of routers just test up an idea or for study …

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Any Source Multicast and Source Specific Multicast


Applications/Servers use IP multicast to send their contents in IP packets to a group of interested clients. These clients indicate their wish to receive such traffic explicitly by sending an IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) join message. In early years of IP multicast deployment, receivers and senders did not know …

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