Cox Modem Router Blinking Orange (Causes & Easy Fixes)

Cox Modem Router Blinking Orange

Have you experienced a Cox modem router blinking orange? This typically means your router or modem has not achieved a stable internet connection due to a weak signal.

Although this can be frustrating especially when you are gaming, video conferencing, or streaming, there are plenty of easy fixes you can try to solve the issue.

In this article, we aim to make your life easier, by presenting the common causes of an orange blinking light on Cox modems, routers, and combo devices such as the Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway.

Some easy fixes that you can implement include performing a power cycle on the device, inspecting the cables, and checking the device for overheating.

If there is a local internet outage in your area, you’ll have to wait for it to be fixed by a technician.

Read on to learn more about identifying the causes and easy fixes for the blinking orange light on Cox routers and modems.

What Does a Blinking Orange Light on a Cox Modem Router Mean?

Before fixing your Cox modem, router, or gateway, you need to know the meaning of a blinking orange light.

Generally, a blinking orange light means that your Cox device has failed to have a stable connection with the devices because of a poor signal.

The following are the different states of the orange light on your Cox modem router:

  • Solid orange – there are damaged cables, loose connections, or other problems.
  • Blinking orange – there is no internet connection.
  • Blinking orange and green – the firmware is in the process of being updated.

Why Does the Cox Modem Router Blink Orange?

There are several reasons for your Cox modem or router blinks orange, but the following are the most common ones:

  • The ports are damaged.
  • There is an internet outage from Cox in your area.
  • The cables are damaged.
  • There is a loose connection.
  • The firmware is faulty.
  • The device is overheated.
  • The software is being updated.

How to Fix a Blinking Orange Light on a Cox Modem Router

Orange Blinking Light On Cox Modem Router Fix

The following are some of the solutions that will help you fix a blinking orange light on your Cox-compatible modem, router or gateway device.

1. Power cycle the Cox Modem Router

With time, Cox routers and modems slow down like any other electronic device making them have a blinking orange light and may need a small break. Turning off your router completely and restarting it can help solve the problem.

You can power cycle your router manually by unplugging it from the power connection and then giving it a minute. Plug the router back, let it start up, and it will soon have a stable internet connection.

The orange light on your Cox router should be gone and instead have a solid white light.

2. Check for scheduled maintenance or ongoing internet outage

Internet providers need to upgrade their systems from time to time, and during this time you may not have access to the internet.

The Cox network may be down or under maintenance and that is why your router may be having a blinking orange light.

You can easily solve this problem by contacting Cox or checking for information about any scheduled maintenance that may be happening.

You can get this information by manually asking Cox or checking their official outage reports.

If there are any ongoing maintenance or internet outage, there is nothing you can do but simply wait patiently and hope everything is fixed as soon as possible.

3. Inspect wall jack and cables

If the wall jack has some moisture or the cables are faulty or loose, then your router or modem may not detect the internet connection which is why it is showing a blinking orange light.

The best thing to do is to clean the wires and check if they are damaged.

On a Cox modem or gateway, unplug the coaxial cable from the device and check for moisture or damage, then clean both ends and connect it back by screwing it tightly.

If it is still not working, consider using a different coaxial cable for the modem or gateway device.

Additionally, check the splitters to ensure they are not damaged and if they are, you should buy a new one.

On Cox routers and modems, you should also check the Ethernet cables to make sure they are clicked into the ports, snug, and undamaged.

If your Cox router, modem, or gateway is still blinking orange, you should check if it is overheating.

4. Check the device for overheating

If after doing all the steps above and your device is still blinking orange, then it may have overheated.

Putting your router in a location that does not have proper ventilation such as the corner of the house can make it overheat leading to a loss of internet connection, hence, the orange light.

Therefore, what you need to do is position your router in a location where it is getting enough ventilation such as the center of the room.

Ensure that your router is not near the window or equipment such as heaters. Also, it should not be covered or put in a cupboard.

You also need to clean your router as dust can accumulate on the vents leading to problems with the airflow which causes the router to overheat.

Use a can of compressed air to remove dust from the vents. Ensure that the router is unplugged first before dusting it.

Also, make sure that you stay away from the internal circuit boards. Once dusted, connect it back to the power supply and check whether the orange light is gone.

5. Check the modem router for overloading

If overheating is not the problem, then your router may be overloaded. Therefore, you should disconnect all the devices from the router’s network such as gaming consoles, smartphones, computers, and smart TVs.

If there are too many devices connected to your router, it will stop working as it cannot handle the higher bandwidth.

Once all the devices are disconnected you can connect them back one by one to see which one of the devices is causing the overload. Some tasks on that device may be performance-intensive which can lead to a router overload.

If disconnecting some of the devices does not solve the problem, maybe you need to get a third-party router that is powerful and compatible with Cox to help handle several devices at the same time.

6. Update the firmware

Is your Cox router still blinking orange? Maybe there is an update that you need to do as it could be operating on an outdated version of the firmware. Checking the website regularly will help you know whether your router needs an update or not.

To update your Cox router, visit their website and sign in to the admin page. Check to see if there is any tab with the name ‘Update’ or ‘Router Update’ or ‘Firmware’.

Finally, click on it and follow the steps to download and install the update.

Updating your router’s firmware not only solves the problem but also updates the security patch and improves your router’s performance. If your router has the auto-update feature, you should enable it to ensure that your router’s software is always in its latest version.

7. Test the wired connection

You can also try a wired connection where you use an ethernet cable to connect your router directly to the laptop or desktop and check whether it is accessing the internet.

If this works, then there is no problem with the internet connection of the internet service provider.

8. Reset the Cox modem router

If any of the above solutions have not solved the problem, then you should factory reset your Cox router and fix the connectivity problems.

To reset your router, find the reset button which can be on the back or front side of the device.

Once you find it, use a paper clip or a pin to press and hold it for around 30 seconds. Then you should wait for about two to three minutes to allow the router to reset.

The router’s setting will go back to default, so you will need to set the username and password again once it is on.

If the router displays a white light, then your internet is working perfectly now.

9. Contact customer support

If your Cox router, modem, or gateway is still blinking orange at this point, you should contact Cox customer care for assistance.

You can either contact them online or through the phone using their customer care line.

A technician or an expert will ask you to explain the problem then they will walk you through the solutions step by step so that you can fix the problem.

If this does not work, then the technician will come to fix the issue at your home.

If the device cannot be fixed, the technician will advise you on what to do which can be getting a replacement.

10. Get a new Cox modem router

Maybe it is time to buy a new router, modem, or gateway device if the blinking orange light does not stop after the Cox technician tries to fix the problem.

It is very common for gateway units to require a replacement after some time.

Cox has options for you to select from according to your needs, and you can either rent or buy.

We recommend purchasing a modem/router combo because it will save you on the fees for renting and it provides you with a better performance.


Are modems and routers the same thing?

No, modems and routers are separate devices with different performing functions.

A modem sends and receives signals from the internet service provider, bringing the network to your home or workplace. Modems connect to the ISP via a coaxial cable.

A router converts the ISP signal into a local network for your devices to connect to and interact with.

What is a Cox Gateway device?

Gateways are modern devices that combine the function of a modem and router in one device. These devices are sometimes known as a gateway router, a gateway modem, or a gateway modem router.

The benefit of a gateway is that it takes up less space and limits the number of cables. For those who are not tech-savvy, a gateway may be easier to set up.

The Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway is a popular choice for those wanting to get a modem router combo.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re now clear on the causes and fixes to an orange blinking light on Cox routers, modems, or combo devices.

The orange blinking light means that no internet connection can be established and this could be due to network issues, problems with hardware such as cables or the device overheating, or software issues such as a firmware update.

We recommend you follow the process we set out in this article and you’ll be able to quickly fix the orange blinking light issue.

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