7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Network Engineer

Should you date a Network Engineer?

They are often considered as ‘nerds’, and people outside their profession might not really know what Network Engineers actually do.
However, take a look into 7 of their greatest qualities to find out why Network Engineers could actually be a hot catch to date.

They love fixing things.

When your computer stops working, your heater makes strange noises, or your shower is leaking, a network engineer sees these nuisances as a challenge. Intuitively, they’ll try to find out what’s the underlying problem and thanks to their structured and analytical approach; usually, they can pinpoint the culprit (if not fixing it altogether). The same goes with your relationship. If they know something is not working between you, they’ll see it as a challenge and start thinking of many different ways to tackle it.

They admit when they’re wrong.

Network engineers need to be highly logical at work, and precisely because of this, their line of reasoning is quite polished. They can see a situation objectively, and they are trained to address facts–not assumptions. Something rational like admitting your mistake (that might be hard for others) comes naturally to them. If you make a mistake or do something wrong, you admit it. For them, this logic is crystal clear. It makes sense. And network engineers are sensible.

They can help you with any technology-related problem.

When you want to know more about blockchains or chatbots, about RFID or how to secure your website, they are the ones who will be happy to explain these things to you over dinner. You’ll always be kept up-to-date with the latest happenings when it comes to the world’s technological advancement. And you can always use this knowledge to start a conversation or fill an awkward silence in networking events or social gatherings, “Hey, have you heard about that new technology that…”

They know how to deal with complaints and how to handle them satisfactorily.

Network engineers deal with customer-support agents almost on a daily basis. They need to look at a problem, explain it, propose an alternative to solve it–and make an effort to actually resolve it. When you are complaining about certain aspects of your relationships, network engineers know how to handle this complaint. They will look closely into it and dissect your complaint carefully, pinpoint an issue that might cause it, and propose some alternatives to solve the problem once and for all.

They have highly-paid jobs.

Network engineers are one of the most highly-paid professions with the average salary of US$$70,853 (bonuses, profit sharing and commissions excluded). Sure, money is not the most important thing in the world, but in this world, it’s important to have money!
At least, having enough money to celebrate those memorable milestones in your relationships (or to forget the not-so-memorable ones).

Plus, if you’re in a long distance relationship, you’ll know that they can afford to visit you from time to time and you don’t have to feel as if you’re only dating a screen-sized person.

They can easily relocate or become freelancers.

There are a lot of demands for network engineers nowadays! If you look at some promising job openings all around the world, most likely you’ll find tons of opportunities for network engineers! Being in high-demand making it possible for network engineers to accept a job offer abroad and live comfortably as an expat in a country they love. We have friends in Amsterdam, Dubai, and Singapore now.

Some of them, especially the ones with enough experience and contacts, could quickly shift to becoming freelancers or taking one-off projects. This enables them to travel the world more often, enjoying the high-life, or spend more time with you.

They don’t know how desirable they are, because they’re always being considered nerds.

Ever heard a saying that the coolest kids in high school are those kids who don’t know how cool they are? Well, with all those desirable qualities, network engineers don’t realize how desirable they are. They have always been considered ‘nerds’ and most of them embrace this label wholeheartedly (and proudly). Because of this, they are trying to be, do, and give more into your relationship. They want to put in the effort because they believe that they need to make an effort.

Ready to date a Network Engineer?

So, next time a match with a profession as a Network Engineer appears on your dating radar, you know what to do. Don’t miss out on them ever again!

Already dating a Network Engineer? Let us know how’s going in the comments.

About Hanny Kusumawati

Hanny Kusumawati is a content strategist and workshop facilitator who blogs about writing, living light and slow traveling at beradadisini.com. She is currently dating a network engineer and loving it. The relationship has been the steadiest (and the most drama-free) so far

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  1. Awesome blog thanks for sharing this

  2. I am currently dating an amazing man. Met him in a game. I told him I would still date him if he worked at walmart. I love my nerd.

  3. I live in Sydney and would love to date a network engineer – If you’re single please email me 😉

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