Eero Blinking Blue (Causes & Easy Fixes)

Eero Blinking Blue

Your Eero’s blinking blue light makes you wonder what it’s up to and what you should be doing about it.

As usual, we’ll give you a quick answer. 

The Eero’s blinking blue light means that it’s broadcasting Bluetooth. It’s trying to pair with one of your devices, and it will turn solid blue once it has succeeded in doing so.

At least, that’s what’s meant to happen – but if your Eero seems to be stuck in this mode, you might want to do something about it. 

Here’s something confusing: in forums, an Eero employee said that an Eero blinking blue is just waiting to be set up – so we have a little ambiguity here.

The insider source said that all you need to do to stop your Eero blinking blue is to add your Eero to your network using the app.

Other sources suggest restarting, power cycling, resetting, or calling your service provider’s support center. But we found that this isn’t all. Need more details? Keep reading to get answers. 

Complete Eero Setup

Since this is an insider tip, it seems sensible to start here. Apparently, your Eero isn’t added to your network yet. 

Yes, we know that apps tend to multiply to a crazy degree, but your Eero app is going to prove handy from time to time. Get the Eero app if you haven’t already done so. 

Once you’re in the app, check out the home page. You’ll see a blue button with a “+” icon in the top right corner of your screen. Search for add/replace Eero in the menu options, and then follow the prompts to add your Eero. 

Still have a blinking blue light on your Eero? The company suggests contacting support if the step we just discussed doesn’t solve your problem. However, if you’d like to try a few other things first, stay with us.

The following fixes have worked for people in the past, and they might just work for you. 

Your Eero And Pairing Issues

Android Devices

Taken at face value, the Eero blinking blue means it’s having issues pairing. According to Eero support, an Android 13 release caused issues with Eero pairing. However, this only affects certain Eero models. These are:

  • Eero 6 Gateway
  • Eero 6+
  • Eero Pro 6
  • Eero Pro 6 E
  • Eero PoE 6

If this looks like it might apply to you, you can try manually entering serial numbers to normalize the setup.

However, you may need to reconfigure your Eero so that your VLAN and PPPoE settings allow this to occur. 

If you’re already up and running, a firmware upgrade might do the trick. Scroll down to find instructions.

However, you might want to check whether this is just a software glitch, and a power cycle is an easy way to sort this out. 

Eero Bluetooth Pairing Glitch: iOS Devices

A couple of years ago, there was a problem with the Eero App for iOS. Some people solved it by getting the Android app but not everybody had an Android device. Others were successful when using an older iOS device. 

Some people seemed to have gotten completely stuck, but Eero support was able to help them resolve the problem. 

However, we assume that since this was 3 years ago, Eero has updated its app for iOS.

If you’re using iOS and your Eero is blinking blue, try updating your Eero app. Failing that, contacting Eero support is your best solution. 

Eero Blinking Blue? How to Power Cycle Your Eero

Here’s the theory. When you power cycle a device, it clears its internal memory, but doesn’t lose its configuration settings.

Basically, it stops trying to do what it was busy with before the power cycle, and reverts to a “ready” state. 

Don’t stress! A power cycle is super easy to do. All you have to do is to unplug your Eero, and leave it for a few minutes so that it can “forget” about the process responsible for the hitch. 

Then, plug your Eero back in and let it reboot. See if the blue light behaves itself and returns to a steady state. 

How to Reboot Your Eero Using the App or Reset Button

Eero says that a straightforward reboot using the app can be just as good as a power cycle. If it works, it has an advantage: you won’t have to unplug each Eero.

Here’s how to do it using the app:

  • Open the app and check out the home page
  • At the top of the screen and towards the middle, choose the online status button
  • Select which Eero you want to reboot
  • Scroll down to find the reset button
  • Confirm by tapping “Restart Eero”

The other way is to press the reset button on the Eero for just one second. That restarts the Eero. 

Despite what Eero says, we do disagree with them when they say that reboots like these are as effective as power cycles.

So if this doesn’t work, try a power cycle and if you’re still struggling, a hard or soft reset might sort out the issue. 

How to Reset Your Eero (Soft and Hard Resets)

A soft reset is a way of clearing network configurations without losing your sessions. In simple terms, this means that the Eero is still on your network and keeps its advanced settings. 

A hard reset or factory reset ups the ante, clearing all configurations, sessions, and logs.

It’s also going to remove your Eero from your network. You’ll follow up by adding it again to see if this solved your blinking blue light issue. 

Here’s how to do soft and hard resets:

Soft Reset Eero

  • Locate the reset button on your Eero
  • Hold it and watch the LED indicator light 
  • After about 7 seconds, it will flash yellow
  • Release the reset button when you see the yellow light
  • In a few minutes, the light should be solid white, indicating that your Eero is connected to the internet

Hard Reset Eero

  • Locate the reset button
  • Hold it for about 15 seconds until it flashes red
  • After some minutes, your Eero will flash blue, indicating that it’s ready for setup
  • Set up your Eero using the Eero app

One of Your Eero Devices Won’t Pair: Fix

In our introduction, we mentioned that an Eero blinking blue means that it’s waiting for setup, and you can use the app to do it. But sometimes, there’s a hitch. We found a way to overcome it. 

  • Unplug the Eero from the modem, but leave it plugged into its power source
  • Use the app to set up the network
  • It will search for new devices – in the past, it would have gotten stuck right here
  • When it times out, it will ask for a serial number – it will not advance to this step when connected to the modem
  • Enter the serial number
  • Your device should be found and it will be possible to configure it
  • Set up your WiFi
  • Plug the Eero back into the modem and restart both Eero and modem

Home Fixes Not Working?  

If you’ve tried everything without success, it may still be worth reaching out to Eero Support. You can find them on Facebook, or tag them on X (Twitter) at  @eerosupport.

If you prefer a regular phone call, you’ll find a list of numbers and an email option on their support page

Although we’re offering this as a last-ditch option, it seems like Eero is usually quite good at offering customer support.

However, if you want to limit frustration, be sure to tell them all the things you’ve already tried – before they can get recommended all over again. 

Solved your problem with the Eero blinking blue light already? Remember, you found the answers here first!

We work hard to bring all the information from multiple sources together in our tech support articles, and if our info helps you, we’ve achieved our goal of making things easy for you.

Daniele Besana

Daniele Besana

Daniele is a freelancer consultant with 15 years of experience in network security, customer support, Linux and Salsa. He worked for Juniper Networks in Netherlands, providing support and consultancy on security projects across Europe and Middle-East.

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