Fluke Networks Announces 12 Trunk Fiber Tester

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fluke fiber tester

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fluke fiber testerToday Fluke Networks announced MultiFiber Pro, the industry’s first MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) fiber trunk tester that validates performance of all 12 trunk fibers in a single test – reducing testing time by 95 percent and saving the average data center $17,000 in labor costs.

The new Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro Cuts Testing Time of Fiber Trunks by 95 Percent New product is first tool to automate testing of all 12 fibers in MPO trunks EVERETT, Wash. – July 19, 2012 –

Fluke Networks today announced the MultiFiber™ Pro Optical Power Meter and Light Source, the industry’s first MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) fiber trunk tester that validates the performance of all 12 trunk fibers in a single test and reduces testing time by nearly 95 percent.

MPO fiber trunks are the backbone for 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps high-speed data centers – the fastest growing segment in the industry. In today’s market, few MPO fiber trunks are tested in the field, given it takes an average of 6.5 minutes to set up and test each of the 12 fibers in an MPO trunk. The MultiFiber Pro reduces that time to approximately 20 seconds (14 seconds for set up, 6 seconds for testing). For the average data center with 1,600 MPO trunks, the MultiFiber Pro tester can save contractors more than 155 hours of labor and $17,000 USD in costs, assuming an average burdened labor rate of $55 USD.

“With growth rates of 40 Gbps in data centers expected to grow by more than 175 percent by 2016, it’s critical that we provide our customers with a solution that makes the MPO testing process both easy and cost efficient,” said Jason Wilbur, vice president of datacom cabling and installation tools at Fluke Networks. “That need is compounded by the fact that pre-terminated MPO cables can be damaged or contaminated during transport and installation, and industry best practices dictate that validating performance is a critical step in ensuring data center performance.”

The MultiFiber Pro includes:
• A single “Scan All” test function that automatically tests all 12 fibers in an MPO connector.
• Built-in polarity verification for end-to-end connectivity of MPO trunk cables.
• Innovative, intuitive user interface to display all 12 fiber test results.
• An on-board MPO connector that eliminates the need, cost and complexity associated with a fan out cord.
• A “Select Individual Fiber” function that allows the user to troubleshoot a single fiber with more precision.
• A shuttered fiber connector that eliminates the need for dust caps and increases reliability by reducing contamination.
• Integration with LinkWare 7 for seamless results management and reporting.

For more information about Fluke Networks’ MultiFiber Pro or Fluke Networks’ industry leading suite of data center solutions visit www.flukenetworks.com/multifiberpro. Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks is the world-leading provider of network test and monitoring solutions to speed the deployment and improve the performance of networks and applications. Leading enterprises and service providers trust Fluke Networks’ products and expertise to help solve today’s toughest issues and emerging challenges in WLAN security, mobility, unified communications and datacenters. Based in Everett, Wash., the company distributes products in more than 50 countries.

For more information, visit www.FlukeNetworks.com or call +1 (425) 446-4519.

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