Google WiFi Lights (Meaning & Fixes)

Google WiFi Lights

You may have noticed that there are various lights on your Google WiFi and wondered what each of them means.

Understanding what these lights indicate allows you to know the status of your router and whether your device is connected to the internet or not.

Having this information will also enable you to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with your Google WiFi.

A white light on your Google WiFi indicates that it is working properly, and it is ready to connect online.

An orange light indicates that your device does not have an internet connection, while a red light means that there are internal issues with your device.

Restarting your Google WiFi or doing a factory reset will usually help solve connectivity issues and get your device working.

However, if this does not work, you should check the cables to ensure they are firmly plugged in and that they are not damaged.

Types Of Google WiFi Lights And Their Meaning

Below are the lights that you will see on your Google WiFi:

1. White Light

When your Google WiFi shows a solid white light, it means it is on and working properly.

With the solid white light displayed, you can now connect your devices to the network and start using your WiFi.

If the white light on the Google WiFi is blinking quickly, it means that your device is switching on.

Don’t disturb the device during this process but give it time and wait for it to turn on.

A slow-blinking white light shows that your device can now start the setup process and you can use the Google app to run it.

2. Blue Light

A blue light on your Google WiFi indicates that it is performing a factory reset automatically.

This light should disappear once the reset process is finished. If the blue light is flashing, it shows that the device is ready for initial setup.

If this is the case, download the Google Home app and follow the steps below:

  • Open the app and click on the ‘Add’ button.
  • Now scan the QR code at the bottom of the Google WiFi to add your device.
  • If you cannot scan the QR code, use the setup key written on the bottom of the router.
  • Once the setup is finished, your Google WiFi should show a solid white light.

If the device is stuck on the solid blue light, it shows that there are some issues while resetting.

This means that you should reset it manually using the steps below:

  • Locate the reset button on your Google WiFi.
  • Press this button and hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • The status light will flash amber or orange and then turn solid blue. If you have an older model, the light may blink white and then turn to blue.
  • When the LED turns blue, release the reset button.
  • Now wait for the reset process to finish, which may take about 15 minutes.
  • Once the reset is complete, the solid blue light will start blinking, meaning that the device is ready to be configured.
  • Use the app to reconfigure the device.

3. Orange Light

An orange light on a Google WiFi means that the device has not been able to detect an internet connection.

If the orange light is blinking, it indicates that the router does not have active internet because of certain reasons such as outdated firmware, damaged or loose cable connections, problems from ISP, or device overloading.

The primary cause of a blinking orange light on your Google WiFi is damaged or loose connections.

The following are the steps for inspecting and fixing damaged/losses connections:

  • Check your router, wall jack, and power outlets for any loose connections.
  • Disconnect all the cables and ports and carefully inspect them for moisture or damage.
  • If the lines or devices are damaged, you should replace them immediately.
  • Connect your devices using different cables and see if the blinking orange light has stopped.

4. Red Light

If your Google WiFi is showing a red light, it means there are issues with the mesh WiFi.

A blinking red light indicates that the mesh system has some internal issues which can be caused by some bug, faulty software, or other software-related issues.

Restarting your router may fix these issues, but if this does not solve the problem you can reset the Google WiFi using the Google Home app by following the steps below:

  • Open the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Tap on the name of your device and hold it.
  • Click on Settings which is at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on Factory reset in the Factory reset WiFi point.
  • Your Google WiFi will now automatically reset to its default settings.

5. Yellow Light

A solid yellow light on your Google WiFi indicates that it is in the process of factory resetting itself.

Therefore, give it time to complete the process and the light should then turn solid white, meaning it is ready for use.

A flashing yellow light means that there is a network error. You need to check and verify the network connection by ensuring that the ethernet cable is plugged into the router and modem firmly and check if both devices are turned on.

If the yellow light is flashing faster, continue pressing the reset button and holding it to reset the Google WiFi. Release the button when the light turns into solid yellow.

6. No Light

When there is no light blinking or glowing on your Google WiFi, then your device could be turned off. Therefore, you should turn on the device if you want to use it.

Additionally, ensure that the device is plugged into the power outlet. If it is connected, check the brightness settings on the Google Home app because maybe it was turned off by mistake by you or a family member.

If you still do not see any lights, you should contact customer support, as there may be a significant issue with your device that requires technical assistance.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information that you need to know about the different lights on your Google WiFi.

Understanding the meaning of these lights means that you know the performance and network status of your device.

A solid white light is your friend as this means your Google WiFi is fully operational and can connect to your internet devices.

However, a red light is your foe as it indicates that your device is having some connectivity issues.

If your Google WiFi cannot establish an internet connection, you should try and reset it, check the connections, or contact customer service.

Daniele Besana

Daniele Besana

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