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How Are Used Technology Equipment Companies Getting Better?

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Top 5 Reasons the Used Technology Industry is Evolving

By: Darwin Redshield

Buying used products often comes with a negative connotation.  For example, used car sales  are often seen as a ‘shady’ way of purchasing a reliable vehicle. Horror stories of rip-offs, unanswered calls and pressure cooker sales techniques are abound in the used product industry.

The public outlook on used products is currently in a state of flux though.  Buying used is fast becoming a valid alternative to expensive new purchases during these trim economic times.  Not only are used products a cost-saving alternative, they also are more reliable than ever as online resellers establish customer friendly reputations.  I’d like to take this opportunity to expound on the ‘Top 5’ changing reasons to utilize a used product reseller, specifically in the information technology sector.

1.  Cost

Companies across the board need to save every extra dime nowadays.  Many businesses are trimming their overhead by cutting jobs and concentrating on core  services.  Another way companies can drastically reduce their costs is by purchasing used network hardware for their IT infrastructure. Buying a used router, switch or server can often mean the difference in thousands of dollars.

2.  Rising Quality

The days of shady resellers are over.  Many current online technology resellers are gaining great reputations for good return policies, great customer service and incredible prices.   Resellers also have larger product inventories than ever before, matching many straight-from-the-source stores in both quantity and quality.

Resellers understand that there is a large existing consumer market that wants both affordability and quality.  This combo of traits used to be unheard of.  However, cutting edge processing techniques now allow resellers to provide top notch products at great prices.

3.  Eco-Friendly

Buying used saves our environment. The constant need to upgrade to the newest and best technology has been putting a strain on our environment as old equipment is constantly trashed.

The re-use of technology equipment prevents the unnecessary and costly disposal of used hardware, which often ends up in our country’s landfills.  The ‘green’ way of doing things involves recycling used hardware and re-using it in an efficient and responsible manner.

4.  Evolving Market

The advent of the internet has given the resale market the tools to collaborate, organize and become ‘official.’  Various collective organizations, such as Uneda, for the used network hardware industry, provide oversight, ensure the highest in product quality, and prevent instances of counterfeit and fraud.

These alliances create a safe and efficient environment for used hardware customers to make a purchase.  They are helping eradicate the dark days of resale, wrought with ‘used car salesman’ horror stories.

5.  Customer Service

Several years ago,  online stores in general were renowned for their horrible customer service, perhaps only overshadowed by the telecom companies.  The recent popularity and security imbued to online purchases have created a rising need for good customer service.

Many online technology resellers now provide top notch customer help: utilizing expert engineers and Q/A technicians to work out every customer’s needs.  Whether a customer wants to chat online, email or phone in, a new age of ‘getting it worked out’ is upon us.

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  1. Another plus with used equipment resellers is that their products are qualified for coverage on the major manufacturer's warranty programs if you desire or they are now offering their own warranty programs which require some understanding to know exactly what you will get out of them such as onsite tech service, parts delivery, etc.

    I can tell you in confidence that I did a fair amount of business with Network Hardware Resale that was used for the build out of our network in a new facility which allowed us to move servers, storage etc. between facilities and avoid any unplanned downtime while saving thousands of dollars in new equipment purchases. The same used equipment is still in service today as well.

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