How To Activate Your Xfinity Modem & Internet (Easy Steps)

How To Activate Xfinity Modem

If setting up your Xfinity Modem seems as difficult as performing brain surgery, you are not alone. But don’t worry; we are going to tell you how to activate your Xfinity modem step-by step.

We will break down everything that you need to know from downloading the Xfinity app to plugging in all of the cables you need, to other tips that you should keep in mind.

There are three ways that you can activate your modem. You can either use the Xfinity app, use the Xfinity Web Portal, or even just call Xfinity Customer Support and someone will be able to help you that way.

We recommend using the app as it is the simplest method.

We have no doubt that you will be able to set up and activate your Xfinity modem on your own without a hitch. If you are using a modem from Xfinity, it is insanely easy to setup. Here’s how.

Steps to Activate your Xfinity Modem

Step 1: On your smartphone, download and then launch the Xfinity app first and then you will need to sign in. Use your Xfinity ID and password. You will also need to be sure that you are a primary user or a manager to have access to activate the modem.

Step 2: After you have logged in, you should be immediately prompted to Start Activation. As long as the internet connection has been found, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

If it happens that the Start Activation doesn’t immediately pop up, you can still find the operation by going into the Account icon in the Xfinity app. It should be on the upper-left corner when you are in the Overview tab.

Then, select Activate xFI Gateway or Modem, which is under the Devices section of the Account options.

Step 3: Once you have the activation part up and going, you will need to make sure that you have an active cable outlet nearby to connect to. This is a coax connection.

Connect your modem’s coax cable to the outlet and ensure that is securely connected to the back of the modem as well. Secure them, but do not over-tighten them.

If you are subscribed to Xfinity Voice as well, you will need to connect the phone cord from the back of the modem to the phone jack in the wall. Don’t do this until after you have connected the coax cable.

Step 4: Now it is time to connect the power cord into the wall.

Step 5: The app should have you now identify your modem using the 12-digit MAC number. This is usually on the back or bottom of the modem, and it should say MAC right in front of it.

Step 6: The app will now tell you that you need to check your connection. If you have just plugged in everything the way what we suggested that you do it, then you should not have anything to worry about in this step.

Step 7: Next, the app should tell you that you need to “Hold Tight” while it gets itself setup. It normally takes about 3 minutes.

Step 8: After your 3 minutes re up, the Xfinity service should be activating on your modem. It should have a notice that is saying “We’re Activating Your Service” with an estimated wait time of about 5 minutes. You should just leave everything alone while this happens.

Step 9: You should get a “You’re All Set” pop up at this point, letting you know that the activation has been completed and that it was successful.

If you have Xfinity Voice, you will see that your Xfinity Voice number is listed on the same page as the success message. In the event that you don’t have Xfinity Voice, you will just get a confirmation and there will not be a phone number listed.

Step 10: After the modem has been activated, you will be able to use the Xfinity app for all kinds of things.

This includes the online/offline status, the modem name, your payment and account details, customer service, the ability to run speed tests, and finally, you can restart your modem from within the app as well.

Sometimes errors can happen during activation. If that happens to you, then you will be connected to a customer service agent via text message to have more help. If the text messages aren’t working, you can expect a phone call from customer service as well.

Step 11: Next, you will want to test the network to make sure that everything is up and working. Double check the cables are connected, the outlets are working, and confirm that your device is activated.

You can do this through the app. If you have troubles, you will need to talk to Xfinity customer service for more help.

Step 12: Once everything is all activated, it is time to connect to your home network. If your modem has a built-in router, you should be able to connect your WiFi devices.

Go to the WiFi settings on your portable devices. You should see the Gateway’s name appear on a list of the available networks. Select your network and enter the password. If you changed the password in your settings, use the new one. Otherwise, you should use the password that came with the device.

If you have a modem that does not have built-in WiFi router, you can connect devices to the modem through Ethernet ports.

If you are attaching a router to your modem, you can use the Ethernet port and then will need to set up the router.

This is different than activating your Xfinity modem, especially if you are using a third-party router. Follow the setup settings that come with that device.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are some other things that you should keep in mind before and after the activation process.

To begin with, if you are using a third-party Comcast-approved Xfinity modem, the self-activation will not start. That only works if you are using a modem that comes from Comcast directly.

Additionally, the activation process does not include attaching devices to the modem or setting up a router if you don’t have one that is built in. A separate router will also need to be connected and setup only after you have already activated the Xfinity modem.

Worst case scenario: just call Xfinity Customer Support. They will be able to walk through the entire process with you and tell you how to activate your Xfinity modem as efficiently as possible.

Really though, there is a very high chance that you will be able to activate your Xfinity modem without any help.

Daniele Besana

Daniele Besana

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