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Have you ever failed a job interview? This eBook won't guarantee you a job, but will make sure you'll be better than 90% of the other candidates for the same position.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • How to Be the Best Candidate

    Step ahead of the competition with a clear understanding of how the interview process works.

  • What are the Questions Asked

    69 real technical interview questions with answers plus 20 soft-skill questions you must prepare.

  • How to Avoid Awkward Situations

    Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts to turn every situation in your advantage and be the person they want to work with.

Meet the Authors

Valerio Plessi Valerio Plessi, Network Consultant Engineer

Valerio is a CCIE R&S certified Network Consultant Engineer with 10+ years of experience in IT. He was hired by Cisco Systems after a long interview process, where he worked as High Touch Technical Support Engineer and Network Consulting Engineer taking care of large Enterprise and Service Provider customers. While working for Cisco he often interviewed job candidates, assessing their technical knowledge and soft skills.

Daniele Besana Daniele Besana, Network Security Architect

Daniele is an IT professional with 15 years of experience in network security and customer support. He passed the interview process of Juniper Networks, where he worked as Senior Technical Support Engineer and Professional Service Consultant, dealing with large security projects across Europe and Middle-East. As a member of the interview team, he interviewed dozens of candidates.

Eric M.

Your ebook was very helpful to me in preparing for interviewing. I purchased it this past summer after it was recommended to me by my mentor. Ultimately, I landed a full time network engineer position with a firm in NYC.

Your ebook was essential in helping me get my foot in the door – particularly the phone screen interview.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Eric M.
Georg Bachler

A great e-book with plenty of useful tips on how to prepare for an job interview and how to make the most out of the interview process. I have been on both sides, being interviewed and interviewing candidates. The e-book can be absolutely recommended to anybody applying for a job as network engineer but could also be helpful for engineers that got the task to interview candidates for the first time.

Georg Bachler Advanced Services Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks
Michel L. M. B. Perez

The book is great, exactly what [company] guys asked me. And the process was the same, i think.

Michel L. M. B. Perez IT Analyst at Tractebel Energia
Get It Now for $9 USDregular price $19 USD

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