Technicolor Modem Lights (Meanings & Fixes)

Technicolor Modem Lights

There are several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that favor the Technicolor modem. Comcast, Cox, and Century Link are among these. It’s a vote of confidence in a good product range, but even the best modems don’t always work as you want them to. Understanding your Technicolor modem lights and what …

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Best Cable Modem in 2023 (For All ISPs)

Best Cable Modem

If you want to maximize the speed of your internet plan and reduce the monthly rental costs, finding the best cable modem that is compatible with your internet service provider is a crucial task. Third-party cable modems offer a great alternative to ISP rentals. Firstly, you’ll save those monthly rental …

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Best Cox Compatible Modems (2023)

Best Modem For Cox

Renting equipment as part of the initial purchase package from Cox can be expensive in the long run. For example, the Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway rental will cost you $14 per month, and $168 per year. Therefore, we recommend that you get your own best modem for Cox so that …

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Best Spectrum Compatible Modems (2023)

Best Spectrum Compatible Modems

Finding the best modem for Spectrum ensures that you get the fastest speeds, reliable connections, and great coverage. Most subscribers for Spectrum Internet services do not purchase a third-party modem but use the provider’s device. While the provider’s modems are enough for basic tasks, sometimes they can have connectivity issues …

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