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GNS3 network simulator for CCNA

gns3 ccna

GNS3 network simulator has become part of the daily work for many network engineers around the world. It became so popular that it even surpassed other network virtualization training solutions. It all started with Dynamips  written by Christophe Fillot in 2005. The software was used for emulation of some of …

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Netscout OneTouch AT: quickly discover DNS and DHCP problems

Netscout OneTouch AT

Running a reliable and fast network is not something that just happens. It requires the right tools and the right skill sets to tackle the steps to reduce the number of problems that occur, and when they do occur resolve them in a timely manner. Many problems can be prevented …

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Cisco ASA as DHCP Server with Multiple Internal LANs

cisco asa multiple lans

This article describes the configuration of an interesting network scenario that is applicable in many real world situations, mainly in small to medium networks. We have three different internal LAN networks which host user computers and other IT infrastructure (servers, network printers etc). We want to separate the three internal …

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Data storage complexity: from single disks to hybrid storage systems

data storage

This article presents the evolution of end-user storage systems focusing on the data storage complexity: from traditional hard drives to the complex fusion of filesystems and multi-disk arrays. We followed the data storage development as it strives to satisfy the always increasing requirements of several kinds: capacity, performance, fault-tolerance and flexibility. Hard drives …

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