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Getting Going with Cisco Router Simulators

For anyone who has ever needed to test a new network architecture, implement a new routing protocol or simply study for a Cisco exam has needed access to a real live router or a router simulator.  But buying a bunch of routers just test up an idea or for study …

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What is a Router Simulator

Router Simulators are a great way to create and test new network topologies without the expense of lots of hardware. Many people use router simulators to help them practice and study for upcoming certification tests and many people are able to pass these certifications because of the convenience of a …

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Free Network Troubleshooting Tools

Tools for Network Engineers We’ve built a list of some great free and very useful network troubleshooting tools, scanners, and sniffers that all network engineers need to have in their tool kit.  This list is by far not inclusive.  If you know of a great tool that you use and …

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