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Any Source Multicast and Source Specific Multicast


Applications/Servers use IP multicast to send their contents in IP packets to a group of interested clients. These clients indicate their wish to receive such traffic explicitly by sending an IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) join message. In early years of IP multicast deployment, receivers and senders did not know …

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IP TTL Security : Why and How?

IP TTL Security

TTL (Time-To-Live) is a field in the IPv4 header. TTL field is of 8 bits and so it can take a maximum value of 255. When a sender sends out a packet, it sets the TTL value (usually as 64) in the IP header. Each router that receives this packet, …

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An Introduction to LTE


You just need to step outside to realize how much mobile phones have changed our lives. People have this need to stay connected all the time and new, faster, better performing mobiles are constantly being released. As a consequence we need to increase what we are able to do with …

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Reaching for the Cloud: Transitioning to the New IT Solution

cloud computing

Cloud computing has virtually transformed the IT world, offering the industry a wider range of technological opportunities. This new era of the cloud comes with unmatched value and efficiency for the benefit of businesses when it comes to affordability, efficiency and stability. However, as with any innovation, the growth of cloud computing …

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