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AAA on the Cisco ASA

AAA on Cisco ASA. RouterFreak

From my experience as a Network Security Engineer, I have worked on many Cisco projects involving AAA on the routers but not so many that involve AAA on the Cisco ASA. I find that a bit weird considering that the Cisco ASA is the real security device. I wonder if …

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How to Configure LLDP

How to configure LLDP

LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard protocol (IEEE 802.1AB) that defines messages, encapsulated in Ethernet frames for the purpose of giving devices a means of announcing basic device information to other devices on the LAN (Local Area Network) through periodic retransmissions …

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Top 10 certifications for Network Engineers in 2018

certifications network engineers

Exactly two years ago today, I became a Network Engineer. I didn’t have any certification on my belt at the time but I was able to fully explain and provide a detailed answer to every question they had for me and that was enough to land me the job. Three …

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