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How to Change or Increase Cisco Router Logging

how to change cisco logging

Cisco routers, as well as most other computer devices, have the ability to log messages about everything they do. These log messages are invaluable when trying to troubleshoot a really difficult network issue. The problem with Cisco routers is that when you enable logging, the default size of the log …

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IPv4 versus IPv6 :: Understanding : Their : Basic : Differences

IP address management

Most businesses and networks today use IPv4 as their network addressing standard. With the exception of some DoD and government agencies few people have adopted IPv6. But what is so different about IPv6 versus IPv4? In this post we compare the differences between IPv6 and IPv4 and review some of …

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Keep SecureCRT Synchronized Between Computers with Dropbox


Today we have a great tip for easily keeping your SecureCRT sessions synchronized across multiple computers. Anyone who has ever used SecureCRT as their ssh client knows how easy, powerful and convenient it is to use.  However one of the biggest problems with SecureCRT is keeping your saved sessions in …

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How to Become a Network Engineer: 10 frequent questions


One of the biggest questions we get almost everyday from our readers is asking how to become a network engineer. With so much concern and interest, if this many people are emailing us directly then there is no doubt many more people out there who have the same questions. Hopefully …

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