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IP Subnet Calculator


To use the IP Subnet Calculator Enter your IP address and subnet mask details in the subnet calculator below.  Our subnet calculator returns with both decimal and binary calculations for the Address, Netmask,  Wildcard Mask,  Network, Broadcast, first and last ip address on the subnet, as well as total number …

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Getting Excellent Training for the CCIE

This week I’m in class to prepare for the Routing and Switching CCIE.  Like many of you out there I’m sure, you have studied on your own for this big Kahuna of all certifications.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prepared for the written only to have life …

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The 7 Layer OSI Reference Model

Today I’m going to get back to basics and discuss the 7 layer OSI reference model and how it applies to networking.  Most experienced network engineers know the OSI model all to well and most if not all certifications will expect you to know it. So lets unwrap this 7 …

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Monitoring your network for topology changes

So, Your the senior network engineer for a nice large network. Everything is running smoothly until one day a primary link goes down and you seem to be the last one to know about it!  Everyone is running to you to find out whats going on and expecting you to …

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