Juniper Training: Free Network Engineer Resources


What do you think about when you think about learning new networking technologies or even learning to become a Network Engineer?   Most people will no doubt say they think Cisco is the answer. But learning about networking and network engineering doesn’t have to involve Cisco at all.  There are …

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What are Routing Protocols?

routing protocols

Network Routing Protocols – IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP The purpose of routing protocols is to learn of available routes that exist on the enterprise network, build routing tables and make routing decisions. Some of the most common routing protocols include RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP. There are …

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Using Mnemonics To Remember Networking Details


Per Wikipedia – A Mnemonic is “A device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something” As network engineers, we are constantly tasked to remember details (and recall easily) about how networking technology works.   One of the easiest ways to commit some of …

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How to Pass the Cisco CCNA or CCNP Exam

best cisco practice exam

Too often we get asked by our readers “What is the easiest/fastest/best/simplest way to pass the Cisco CCNA or CCNP exam”.  Too many people want a quick answer or a quick fix.  We live in a fast paced society where everything needs to be done quickly so we can get …

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Sample Module 3 – CCENT – Understanding the OSI Model

OSI Model

Welcome to the RouterFreak.com sample CCENT certification series. This is an example from module 3 of the CCENT video series. Classes are forming now! Signup today to pre-register for the CCENT Video eCourse. There is no obligation. This is simple to let you know when the new class goes live! …

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CCENT Module 2 – What is a Network?


Welcome to the RouterFreak.com sample CCENT certification series. This module is the second video in the series of sample videos for Router Freak members. Full length versions of these videos can be found in the upcoming new CCENT Video eCourse. To be notified when these classes are available signup at …

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CCENT – Module 1 – Introduction to CCENT


Welcome to the RouterFreak.com UN-official CCENT certification series. This module is a sample of the first video in our new CCENT Video eCourse. Introduction to CCENT In this module we introduce you to the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) Certification and give an overview of the Cisco certification process. …

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