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IP Address Management Tools: best IPAM tools review

ip address management

Most network engineers understand the frustration of ip address management, especially when you work with a very large network. Being able to quickly and accurately find available ip addresses, know where each ip network range is located within the network, avoiding duplicate ip address assignments, and even still, know if …

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Book review: Juniper SRX Series

Juniper SRX Series

I met Brad, co-author of “Juniper SRX Series”, a few years ago when I was also working for Juniper Networks. I remember well how active he was in supporting the Juniper community on IDP first (the Intrusion Prevention solution) and SRX (the next-generation firewall family) later. So, when I saw …

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MPLS in the DataCenter?

juniper networks device

MPLS in the DataCenter? According to Juniper, they say “HECK YEAH!” and I can totally see why. Most data centers have a nicely redundant, fully meshed switching architecture. Most host servers are multi-homed (or connected to two separate switches for redundancy) and the access layer switches are multi-homed to the …

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Juniper Networks EX4200 Muli-Layer Switch


Juniper Networks EX4200 multi-layer Ethernet switches are fast, secure and reliable platforms providing compact standards based connectivity for branch office, enterprise networks and data centers. Yes, if you haven’t guessed by now, we really like these switches. Designed for the access and distribution layers, the EX4200 and EX3200 series switches …

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