Eero Blinking Blue (Causes & Easy Fixes)

Eero Blinking Blue

Your Eero’s blinking blue light makes you wonder what it’s up to and what you should be doing about it. As usual, we’ll give you a quick answer.  The Eero’s blinking blue light means that it’s broadcasting Bluetooth. It’s trying to pair with one of your devices, and it will …

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How To Use Google WiFi With AT&T Fiber

Use Google WiFi With AT&T Fiber

AT&T is among the leading internet service providers that deliver faster and more reliable internet. However, third-party routers such as Google WiFi, when paired with the AT&T Fiber network, can offer added benefits compared to the rental router provided by AT&T Fiber. These benefits include improved security features, better coverage …

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Modem and Router Lights (Meanings & States)

Modem Router Lights

All modems/routers come with various light symbols located on the front of the device indicating a range of functions such as Power, Ethernet, Internet, WPS, USB, and WiFi. Knowing the meaning of these modem/router lights will help you understand the state of your internet connection and how you can troubleshoot …

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Starlink Router Lights (Meaning & Fixes)

Starlink Router Lights

You might be wondering about the meanings that Starlink router lights are meant to convey. Maybe you’re searching for the sake of general information, or you may have issues you’re trying to troubleshoot.  Whatever the reason you need Starlink router light info for, we have you covered. We’ll begin with …

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Google WiFi Lights (Meaning & Fixes)

Google WiFi Lights

You may have noticed that there are various lights on your Google WiFi and wondered what each of them means. Understanding what these lights indicate allows you to know the status of your router and whether your device is connected to the internet or not. Having this information will also …

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