TP-Link Deco Blinking Red (Meaning & Fixes)

TP-Link Deco Blinking Red

Have you experienced your TP-Link Deco blinking red? A blinking red light indicates that the nodes (satellites) have been disconnected from the main router.

This should not be confused with a solid red light which signifies that the Deco devices are having connectivity issues.

In this article, we will help you understand the key causes of the TP-Link Deco nodes blinking red, while also proposing some easy fixes that you can implement to solve the issue.

Luckily, most of the fixes are easy to do at home, requiring no technical expertise.

A quick fix to help you solve the red blinking light issue is to restart or power cycle the Deco devices.

If those suggestions are unsuccessful, other options include a review of the cable connections and updating the router firmware.

What Are the Main Causes For The TP-Link Deco Blinking Red?

Although the main cause of the TP-Link nodes blinking red is a disconnection to the main router, there are other potential causes which are listed below:

  • DNS request is blocked
  • Firmware is corrupted
  • Router/satellite fault
  • Software or technical glitches
  • Establishing a WPS connection
  • Network connection failed
  • Intermittent connection
  • Deco outage

Easy Ways To Fix TP-Link Deco Blinking Red

Deco Red Light Fixes

There are various ways to fix the blinking red light on a TP-Link Deco, and most of them a very easy to implement.

Follow the tried and tested fixes below and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

1. Restart The Devices

Often the cause of a blinking red light on a TP-Link Deco is the result of a random glitch with the software or hardware. The easiest solution is to restart all of your devices and in doing so, reboot the network.

A system restart refreshes the existing configurations and should eliminate the glitch. The steps to restart the TP-Link Deco Mesh network are found below.

  • Load the Deco smartphone app.
  • Open the ‘Network’ tab.
  • All your Deco units should be listed here.
  • Click on the primary unit which you use as the router.
  • After selection, find the three-dots menu, click it, and select Reboot.
  • Now wait for the system to restart and see if the lights on your Deco devices stabilize.

2. Implement a Power Cycle of the Devices

If you’ve used the TP-Link Deco Mesh network for a long period without any system refreshes, it can be a good idea to power cycle your devices.

For those unaware, power cycling means unplugging all network devices from the power source as well as removing all cables from the devices, and leaving them to rest.

The steps required to power cycle your Deco devices are found below.

  • Turn the Deco router off using the on/off switch on the device.
  • Remove the power source plugs from the primary device and the satellites.
  • Remove the power source from the modem and wall jack cable.
  • Wait up to five minutes for the devices to cool down and rest.
  • After the rest, reconnect the modem, router, and satellite devices and restart.
  • Monitor the lights on the devices and hopefully the blinking red light is removed.

3. Remove Obstacles

Sometimes, the cause of the blinking red light on Deco devices is due to weak connectivity or network range. Physical obstructions can cause weak connectivity, as the network devices are unable to pass through the blockage.

Remove any physical obstacles that are in the way of the router and also consider moving the router location, if it is in a location with poor air circulation. Often, if routers are placed in areas with poor heat dissipation, the hardware performance is weaker.

 Follow the steps below to remove any physical obstacles:

  • Observe where your Deco router is located and see if any obstacles may be impacting the network connection.
  • If the identified obstacle can be moved, do it!
  • If the obstacle is too difficult to move, consider switching the location of the Deco device.
  • Find a place where the router is at a reasonable height, with no electronic appliance in its immediate vicinity.

4. Review The Cables and Connections

A common cause of weak network connection between the router and satellites is damaged or loose cables, causing the TP-Link Deco devices to blink red.

To prevent this, regularly review your cables and ensure they are in prime condition. Also, check that the power supply is functioning well.

Follow the steps below to inspect your cable connections effectively.

  • Check all cables are connected to the relevant ports correctly.
  • Check for any moisture or damage to the cable, splitter, power socket, and wall jack.
  • Remove all cables and then reconnect them so they have a snug fit.
  • Replace any damaged cables.

5. Check for Network Outages

If you’ve had no luck so far with resolving the blinking red light on your Deco devices, the issue may be with the internet service provider.

Sometimes your ISP may experience a local network outage or are doing planned maintenance to the local network. As a result, your network may be intermittent or inaccessible, causing the blinking red light.

  • Use your phone network or other internet source to load the ISP website.
  • Check the site for information on network outages or planned maintenance.
  • If no information is visible, contact the ISP through email, chatbot, or phone call and ask them.
  • If there is an outage or maintenance, there is not much you can do but wait for the issue to be resolved.

6. Update the Router’s Firmware

Outdated firmware is another common cause of a blinking red light on Deco devices as it becomes in conflict with the wireless network.

Outdated firmware can contain malware that restricts internet speed and slows device productivity. Whenever updated firmware is available, additional security measures are added to ensure your router is well-protected and functioning well.

Below are the steps you need to follow to update the Deco firmware.

  • Load the Deco smartphone app.
  • Visit More > System > Update Deco.
  • If you view an update, download and install it to your device.

If you’re updating firmware using the web interface, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the download center.
  • Select, the correct model of your Deco device.
  • Select the correct version of the hardware.
  • Select ‘firmware’ and see if there is an update available for download. Download it if there is one available.

7. Implement a Factory Reset

If you’ve still had no luck solving the blinking red light issue, a factory reset of your devices is another option. You should be aware that a factory reset removes all historic customizations and settings, restoring your devices to the factory default.

Follow the steps below to run a factory reset on the Deco mesh network:

  • Ensure the device is switched on and locate the reset button.
  • Use a paper clip, pen, or other sharp object to press the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • You should press the reset button until an amber light starts blinking, which tells you the system reset is occurring.
  • Wait around 10 minutes for the system the fully reset.

8. Contact Product Support

The final step you can take is to contact the support team at TP-Link. The Product Support team is accessible via web chat, call, or email.

If your device is still under warranty and can’t be fixed, the team will arrange for a replacement. If there is no warranty, they will seek a repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes my TP-Link Deco device to flash red?

The most likely cause of the flashing red light is poor internet connectivity or problems with the firmware, causing a disconnect between the main router and the satellites.

Consider restarting your devices and checking the cable connections. Also, check to see if an updated firmware is available to download.

Why is my Deco not establishing an internet connection?

A possible cause is that there is a local outage or planned maintenance of the network. Also, there may be physical obstructions that are denying your main router from accessing the internet.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re now clear on the main causes of a blinking red light on a TP-Link Deco device, and strategies you can take to fix the issue.

Generally, a blinking red light on Deco devices means there is a disconnect between the main router and the satellite devices. This is caused by weak internet connectivity, firmware issues, or ISP outages.

To fix the issue, restart and power cycle your network, check cable connections, and update the firmware. As a last resort, implement a factory reset or contact your ISP customer support for more assistance.

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