How To Use Google WiFi With AT&T Fiber

Use Google WiFi With AT&T Fiber

AT&T is among the leading internet service providers that deliver faster and more reliable internet.

However, third-party routers such as Google WiFi, when paired with the AT&T Fiber network, can offer added benefits compared to the rental router provided by AT&T Fiber.

These benefits include improved security features, better coverage and improved customizations.

You can easily connect Google WiFi to your AT&T gateway rental by enabling IP passthrough mode or putting the Google WiFi in bridge mode.

Enabling IP passthrough mode is slightly technical as it requires you to load your laptop or PC and use a web interface to enable the IP passthrough.

The bridge mode option is less technical and can be operated from the Google Home app.

Below, we explain these two approaches in detail to help you navigate this process.

Ways Of Using Google WiFi With AT&T Fiber

Here are the ways of how you can use Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber:

1. Enable IP Passthrough Mode

Enabling the IP Passthrough mode is an effective and simple method for connecting your Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber.

It enables AT&T to manage the routing of your network while you experience all the benefits of the mesh system.

The following are the steps for enabling IP Passthrough mode:

  • Connect your laptop or computer to the AT&T router and connect the Google WiFi to it.
  • Then enter the IP address into your web browser and log in with the username and password, which are printed on the label located on the gateway.
  • On the page that appears, tap on the firewall tab, and then click the IP passthrough.
  • In the allocation mode section, select Passthrough from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the DHSPS-fixed option from the Passthrough mode drop-down menu and input the MAC address for Google WiFi.
  • Complete the setup by tapping on the save option.

2. Put Google WiFi in Bridge Mode

It is easy to put your Google WiFi to Bridge mode and it is another way for you to connect to AT&T fiber. This method makes the AT&T router an access point by disabling its routing functionality.

Here are the steps for enabling Bridge Mode on your Google WiFi:

  • Download the Google Home app on your phone.
  • On the home screen tap the WiFi option.
  • On the Settings tab, click on the ‘advanced settings’ option.
  • Tap on ‘device mode’ and then Nest WiFi.
  • Select the ‘Bridge Mode’ and click save.

Next Step

Once you have completed setting up your Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber, you can now connect your devices to the network and enjoy the fast-evolving online and internet world.

Begin by testing the speed of your internet. Contact your service provider if your devices are not getting good upload and download speeds or follow the tips below:

  • Switch off all Packet Filtering. Go to Firewall then Packet filter then Disable packet filter.
  • Switch off home security. Go to Firewall then Security options then home network security.
  • Switch off Firewall advanced settings. Go to Firewall then Firewall Advanced.

Advantages of Using Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber

The following are the benefits of using Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber:

  • Since Google WiFi is a mesh network, it ensures that you have a robust and reliable network throughout your home.
  • With Google WiFi, you get better parental controls and more options for customizing your network.
  • Google WiFi enables you to set up extra WiFi points in your entire home which increases connectivity.
  • Customer support for Google is more responsive compared to AT&T.
  • Google WiFi can connect up to 200 devices.

Disadvantages of Using Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber

  • Google WiFi uses WiFi 5 technology, meaning high-gigabit AT&T internet plans will not be supported.
  • You will require more space and power outlets since you now have two devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My AT&T Modem/Router Combo with Google WiFi?

Yes. However, before connecting your Google WiFi, you need to put the AT&T modem router combo into bridge mode to avoid conflicts.

Do I Need to Use The AT&T Fiber Network Password and Name?

No. you will create your network password and names to use once you have completed setting up the Google WiFi.

How Many Google WiFi Devices Should I Get?

This depends on the layout and size of your home. If you have a smaller space, you only need one device but if your home is larger, getting multiple devices will give you optimal coverage.

Can I Manage My AT&T Fiber Settings Using the Google WiFi app?

No. You need to use the web portal or AT&T Smart Home Manage app to manage the settings for AT&T as the Google WiFi app only manages the Google WiFi network.

Final Words

Using Google WiFi with AT&T Fiber ensures that you have stable connections on your devices.

Follow the steps mentioned above and you will enjoy an AT&T Fiber internet connection throughout your home using Google WiFi in no time.

If you are having issues connecting your Google WiFi to AT&T Fiber, you should contact customer support for technical assistance.

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Daniele Besana

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