Why RouterFreak

RouterFreak started out as a personal blog by Joe Wilson, to allow him to save little tweaks and tricks from his networking job.

Today, RouterFreak.com is a website dedicated to professional network engineers. Our hope is that this information that we use day to day to help us do our job,  will help you too.

RouterFreak features:

  • Network Fundamentals to help new network engineers learning the important things fast, and old ones not forgetting them.
  • Reviews of industry products to help assist you in any purchasing decisions you may have to make.
  • Configuration Tips for the network engineer by us and guest writers. Hopefully this will help your next installation go more smoothly.
  • Engineering tools to make your job go just a little easier. This is always handy especially when you forget something.

We try to keep the information here as fresh and accurate as possible.  I hope you enjoy RouterFreak.com and please feel free to leave a comment.  Comments are what makes websites come alive!

These are the people behind RouterFreak.com

Who We Are

Joe Wilson

Joe WilsonI found I needed a place or repository that I could easily reference as I went from job to job. Every time I went to do a new project I would find myself looking for the same Visio files, or searching for that long lost config file from two projects ago that had just what I needed. So RouterFreak.com was born.

Joe Wilson is Senior Network Engineer and got CCNP, CCNA, CCDA and MCSE certifications.

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Daniele Besana

Daniele Besana RouterFreakI started with IT network security back in year 2000, with my first CheckPoint CCSE certification. From there I built a career in my country, Italy, working for different system integrators as a security engineer and product specialist.

In 2006 I moved to The Netherlands to work for Juniper Networks, first in JTAC supporting their security products (SRX, Netscreen, IDP) and later as PS consultant following security projects across Europe and Middle-East.
It has been a great ride!

After 12 years in the industry, I shifted my focus and now I keep myself busy with websites and the exciting opportunities that the Web has to offer.

I joined RouterFreak in 2013, bringing my knowledge on both networking and the online world.

When not behind my Linux notebook, I’m traveling somewhere or dancing Salsa.

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Hanny Kusumawati

I started my career in a Jakarta-based communications consultancy, Maverick, as an Associate back in 2005 (fresh out of university!) and became the Head of Digital and Creative Director 6 years later.

When I turned 30 a few years ago, I decided to be an independent consultant–so I can simply live and work on my own terms. Today, I advise clients on their communications and content strategy, as well as delivering communications/storytelling workshop when necessary.

I joined RouterFreak in 2019 as a Content Manager, bringing my knowledge in communications and content development, along with my experience of dating a network engineer (and writing an article about it).

When I’m not thinking of the next article for RouterFreak, I write stories and watch cooking/journaling videos on YouTube.

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Our Writers

Lazaros Agapidis

Lazaros AgapidisLazaros Agapidis is a telecommunications and networking specialist with over twenty years of experience in network design, architecture, deployment, and management. He’s worked with multiple wired and wireless technologies including IP networks, fiber optics, Wi-Fi, as well as mobile communication networks. He has developed training content and courses for multiple vendors, and has been directly involved with teaching telecommunications for more than a decade. Over the years, he’s gained valuable first-hand experience from working on various large-scale telecom projects from both the enterprise as well as the telecom provider point of view.

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Adeolu Owokade

Adeolu OwokadeWatching movies while growing up, I fell in love with hacking. I soon discovered that real hacking is not the same as depicted in movies. Even with the heartbreak, I started studying for the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) exam.

Not having the opportunity to practice what I was learning in CEH, I decided to go for Network Security after being introduced to it by a mentor. After about three years studying and working with Network Security technologies, I achieved the CCIE #26495 certification in Security.

Even though I’m still very much involved in Network Security consulting, I have a new found love for writing and teaching. I am also working on a startup (Dhack Institute) in Nigeria that teaches kids practical technology skills such as Coding and Robotics.

I love watching movies and TV series (shoutout to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory). I also enjoy reading and general information gathering – I recently called a JavaScript Reference Document “light reading”.

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Katrina Gonzales

Katrina is the CEO and co-founder of two tech startups, a blogger and a Cisco-certified Network Engineer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and used to be a Software Engineer. Passionate about technology and innovation.

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Ingrid Beloša

Ingrid BelosaBack in 2008, I started my education as a student of English language and literature and Information Technology. I soon realized networking is my passion and decided to enroll in Cisco Networking Academy programs. I have finished CCNA and CCNP academies, and I am also CCNA certified (Routing & Switching, Security).

With the desire to pursue my career as a networking specialist, I continued further training in networking, striving to gain new skills and experience on a daily basis. I am currently preparing myself for CCNP certificates, enjoying the role of a network associate at work, and looking forward to new challenges.

As a networking enthusiast and at the beginning of my career, I am here to help you with networking concepts.

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Thanks for Visiting and as Always … FREAK! – The RouterFreak Team

RouterFreak.com accepts no liability for the use of any information published here. All information is intended for use by trained professional network engineers. Do not try this at home! Any and all configuration changes should be tested on lab or non-production equipment prior to implementing into a fully production network. You must fully understanding how a change will effect your particular network. Don’t be a COWBOY (or CowGirl) – Test first! And when in doubt? RTFM!

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