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Passing Cisco Exams with Pass4Sure or TestKing

I have taken my fair share of technical exams for career certification. For Cisco I’ve taken the CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCIE, plus numerous other exams including the PIX and content engine exams. Prior to Cisco I took the Microsoft exams and had my MCSE. And still before that was Novell when I took the CNA exam. Almost every time I took one of these exams I would prepare by reading a book on the related topic and buy a practice exam.

In the old days it was Transcender. I used Transcender exams faithfully to pass both the Novell and Microsoft exams. Then later when I started my Cisco training it was Boson. Boson was really great up until a point. Then no too long ago they’ve seemed to slip away. They are now being surpassed by the likes of TestKing and Pass4Sure.

Which is better Pass4Sure or TestKing?

I tried both TestKing and Pass4Sure exams to help me study. I have to say between the two I think Pass4Sure is the better test, but just barely.  I recently took a CCIE bootcamp at CCBootCamp – see the post Getting Excellent Training for the CCIE.   During and after the class I used both the CCIE Pass4Sure exam and the TestKing exam to gauge my knowledge.  I’m sure glad I did.  Even though I knew the material, the exam questions were worded in a very tricky way. These tests got me over that last hump and I easily passed the CCIE written exam.


One of my coworkers was studying for his CCNP.  He had his CCNA and was a really sharp engineer.   However every time he would go take the BCSI exam he would fail.  He took the thing 3 times and every time he failed.  Now you might be saying geese – what a dumb guy. But honestly the questions are never cut and dry.  I recommended that he get either the TestKing or Pass4Sure exam to help him study.  He bought one and took the BCSI exam one last time.  Needless to say he passed with flying colors.

There’s all kinds of rumors that float around about some of the newer exams.  Rumors of guys sitting around in a testing facility in India or China to essentially copy the test.  I don’t know for certain if this is true.  I do know that the Pass4Sure practice exam is damn close to the real thing.

The Results?  Using either Pass4Sure or TestKing will help you pass

In the end both test are fantastic.  We liked Pass4Sure a bit better but only slightly.  The content in both products provides exactly what you need to pass.   If you want to pass your next Cisco exam, give Pass4Sure or TestKing a try. You will pass!

Disclosure: Testking and Pass4Sure both advertise on RouterFreak.com and we do get compensated if you buy their products clicking on our links. However, we NEVER promote or write reviews on products that we have not used ourselves or know that the product is good.

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  1. I bought question and answer and when I download it saying this no current license found fort his user- sent an email to support testking but got no response – Is there any way I can get my money back – worst experience

  2. I had experience to use resources like https://exambraindumps.com/Cisco.html and must confess that going through simulation questions can really help at the certification exam.

  3. Hi Chris,Fastlane work book wrote by Jerome Henry & I think he is the best instructors for wilreess CCIE (based on his youtube vidio, blog, CiscoLive presentations). So his book is easy to follow and explanations are great.Yes, I tried to build my home lab similar to IPExpert and practice their workbooks. Since it was not 1:1 match I had to change initial configs to suit my lab. These consumed a lots of time & sometime answers in the workbook pretty much CLI output & if your lab is not identical hard to follow the explanation without an extra effort. Good thing about Fastlane workbook is there are no multiple initial config for each technology labs. You can do those task with few equipments, no need to have a full scale lab. (By the way I have uploaded Fastlane lab topology in to My Home Lab Post , you can have a look). I have not set up a lab for fastlane, but doing small labs to understand the concept at my own lab.I think INE’s Video-on-Demand series is my favorite when I did my R&S. But they do not do wilreess. I think even fastlane does not have any VoD. IPExpert VoD is good starting point(CCIE lab v2.0 VoD Recently done by Nicolas Darchis A Cisco Employee) which may help you for both written & lab. Get your wired/QoS/Multicast skills upto a level where you are comfortable with any configuration tasks listed in the configuration guide of 3560 switches specific to these topics. I had that advantage since I did my R&S & went through those material in the past.Rasika

  4. I purchased the CCNA package from pass4sure. I though it was a great resource for studying for the exam, but if you don’t study anything else I doubt you’ll pass the exam. It showed me where I was weak and what I needed to study on my own. You need to learn how to subnet on you own and if you don’t get practical experience with IOS you won’t pass scenarios on the exam. You need to be able to determine why SPT and EIGRP relationships don’t establish and a few other troubleshooting techniques. I got a 907 on ICND1 and 986 on ICND2, so I’m pretty happy with pass4sure. I purchased the CCNA Security Exam from them and will take the exam tomorrow. If all goes well, I’ll continue with CCNP and CCIE. Wish me luck!!!

  5. Purchased a Test King practice exam for CCENT 100-120. Half of the questions didn’t work. The simulations don’t have any content. I asked for a refund, they denied me. Lots of inaccurate questions on these exams, with what appear to be helmet cam images. Stay FAR FAR away from these scam artists. They don’t honor their refund policy.

    • Hello Travis,
      Thanks for the information, I personally sent an email my Test King representative asking to comment on this.
      I really hope this can help and clarify. Did you find better prep material?

    • Travis, this is what I got back:
      “We need more information of when the User appeared in Exam, at the moment exam covers 100% questions of real exam with excellent pass rate.
      Sometime the vendor suddenly changes the pool of questions and updating the testking software does take a minimum of 1 week”

      You can also contact me directly from the contact page.

  6. Can you advice me if I need to buy the meterial for CWNA PWO-105 ,it is helpful or not?

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