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Best IT Help Desk Software for Tech Support in 2018

A good IT professional needs to be able to provide tech support effectively and efficiently. It’s just one of the many essential tasks that we have. From site IT to Network Engineers, we all deal with customers and clients everyday and we must do our best to accommodate requests and resolve issues in a timely and organized manner.

That’s why a lot of companies today are taking advantage of a Help Desk software. These tools allow organizations to provide first contact resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible. A Help Desk ensures customer satisfaction by especially focusing on end-user functionality which increases up-time that results in more revenue.

It also improves productivity and product quality by keeping track and recording customer complaints. It sends information to a development team who can analyze and provide resolutions. You might want to check out the cool tools on our list.

Best IT Help Desk Software for Tech Support in 2018


Freshdesk stands out with its easy-to-use design and function. Currently, it offers five plans: Sprout (free), Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest. It is a platform aimed at small to medium-sized businesses and highly affordable with standout features: being accessible thru mobile apps and turning emails and tickets into knowledge-based articles. It supports up to 33 different languages and they offer a 24/7 email and phone support at the free level.

The Sprout plan allows users access to help desk email, phone, social media, and it supports 200 external apps. Blossom, is priced at $19 a month and adds time tracking, domain mapping, social functionality and collaboration channels. Garden, a $35 per-month plan, adds multilingual support, scheduling, live chat, ticket templates and external forums. The Estate plan costs $49 a month and allows users to add company portals, multiple products and reporting. And Forest, which is the most premium plan, costs $89 per month and offers IP white-listing features and adding your own email server.

SolarWinds Help Desk

SolarWinds UI. RouterFreak

With its easy-to-use interface, users can get set up in only a few hours with SolarWinds. It has large texts and buttons that make it easy to navigate around the interface and customize the design. It easily segregates and assigns tickets through its Patch Manager feature. The Solarwinds Help Desk automates ticketing management activities, including ticket creation, assignment and escalation. Its web-based dashboard allows users to submit service requests and offer self-service options. Some of the key features include:

  • email-to-ticket conversion
  • Active Directory and LDAP authentication
  • Auto ticket routing
  • Parent/child ticket mapping
  • Assignment load balancing
  • Billing, reporting and more


Happyfox UI. RouterFreak

Happyfox starts at $29 a month and one of the key features of it is the ticket management system functionality. With Happyfox, most day-to-day operational management can be handled by someone without a lot of tech experience.

Its feature-complete ticket management application can integrate with other online services such as Twilio, which is a cloud-based service provider that handles voice calls and SuveyMonkey for customer feedbacks.

 Happyfox provides a self-service channel for customers where they can search about common issues and resolutions. It contains a customizable dashboard that gives teams the ability to gain insight from the data captured from every ticket. And a reporting system that allows you to filter results and view lifecycle reports.

Zoho Desk

Zoho UI, RouterFreak

The Zoho Desk tool is mainly aimed at midsize businesses. It has a software portfolio that includes all the functionality a help desk tool provides, from project management to email marketing.  A complete package with great integration options with other Zoho products and third-party platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter. It has advanced functionality such as providing voice gateways for users to interact using VoIP (Voice over IP). With its ability to use social media as a way to monitor customer interactions is truly outstanding.

This software comes in three versions: a free one, a $12 per month Pro version and the Enterprise for $25 per month. Another cool feature of the Zoho tool is it gives the user an overview of the whole support team. The tool displays tickets and responses and shows live traffic. It has a self-service portal that includes access to a custom knowledge base.

Vivanti Pro

Vivanti Pro

Vivantio Pro is priced at $48 a month and is aimed at large businesses and enterprises. It supports cloud-based and data centre deployment. Its many features include an integrated knowledge base, IT asset management and role-based security.

Vivantio Pro is a clean, feature-rich system that offers interactive reports, asset audit trails, and a self-service portal that makes sure all tickets are taken care of. It supports a searchable knowledge base for common issues. It handles attaching documents (a step-by-step tutorial) to individual knowledge base records. This tool also supports custom forms and process automation by enabling users to create custom forms and field in tickets which allows for a better support of assets, technologies, business processes.




Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management tool that is widely used by most medium to large businesses. It offers customizable tools and features that users can use depending on their business needs. Zendesk includes a service portal, knowledge base, call center solution, support and live chat that can be upgraded separately. It has an online customer portal that helps agents to keep track of tickets and escalate the status. It keeps a record of all past incidents that customers can go through to find answers that are similar to their inquiries and they can create their own ticket if there is no similar record. It has a simple, dynamic UI that displays all customer interactions seamlessly.  Customer queries can be navigated from many channels: ticket responses, web widgets, and customer search history, which allows the agents to respond faster. Users can set up a call center through web, mobile and other messaging channels. Zendesk’s integrated live chat allows agents to proactively engage with customers with added functional analytics that tracks conversations and make use of the data collected. The Essential Plan starts at $5 per user per month.




Among all of help desk tools out there, Help Scout is the most easiest to integrate with other applications and business systems. That’s why its highly popular for small to medium size companies. It features a shared inbox that allows users to do collaborative work on the tickets, a knowledge base that serves as a database for all past, significant incidents, a reporting system, a phone and voicemail integration. Help Scout offers a minimalist yet intuitive approach to their graphical design and reports that shows all the relevant information a user needs to track, administer and resolve tickets. This web-based help desk tool is available to be integrated to more than 40 most widely used web applications including MailChimp, Shopify and Slack. Help Scout offers a 15-day free trial then a monthly subscription fee after that starts at $15 for the standard package.



There are a lot of available tools out there that are created to make our jobs easier. Most companies have their own tools that they use exclusively for their operation centres. If you are looking for Help Desk software to try, you can check out the free version of the items on our list. Let us know what you think! And feel free to share in the comments the Help Desk tools that you like using.

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