Create Visio Network Diagrams online with Gliffy

If you’re like me your biggest tool that you use day to day is Visio.  I use it constantly to create all of my network diagrams for every network I create.

But what do you do if you don’t have Visio?!?!   Visio isn’t cheap software and not every network engineer can afford to buy it… and most small businesses may not be able to afford the cost either.

gliffy-networkWell don’t let this stop you from getting the job done creating your diagram masterpieces!  Get online and check out  Gliffy is a great new online diagramming tool that allows you to create your network diagrams without Visio.   It has a ton of features that  let you to easily create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more.  Best of all it’s FREE!  You don’t even need to signup to get started.  Just go to and start building you network diagram.

If you decide to create an account you can upload your own icons to be used in your diagrams.  Some of the more advanced features do require a monthly fee but its dirt cheap ($5/month).

If you don’t have Windows, no problem. Gliffy works great on other platforms like Linux or Apple Mac desktops which may not be able to run a Windows proprietary software application like Visio.

One thing I would like to see from Gliffy is that it does not have the ability to import raw Visio diagrams or stencils directly into a Gliffy diagram.

All in all Gliffy is a great way to still have the ability to churn out great looking diagrams for your network and not have it cost you a dime.

Do you have any alternative to Visio?  Let us know what tool you use!  Leave a comment below we’d love hear from you.



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  1. If you're building network diagrams from scratch, Gliffy ain't too shabby. The real issue is if like me, you've been using Microsoft Visio for the last 10 years and have built up hundreds of documents. A friend recently shared another web-based diagramming app called Lucidchart with me that does import .vdx files from Visio. Still investigating but that has potential!

  2. VISIO network diagrams in MS Visio 2010 – Microsoft Visio 2010 takes diagramming to a new level with dynamic, data-driven visualization tools and templates, enhanced process management capabilities, and advanced Web sharing. Bring real-time data together from multiple sources,

    including Excel and Microsoft SQL Server, in one powerful diagram using vibrant graphics like icons and data bars.

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