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We recently sent out a survey to the newsletter subscribers, asking their opinion on what matters most to them and what they would like to see here on  The responses were fantastic!  If you would like to participate in the survey check it out here:

Make Better!

So far what we have seen is that many of our readers want more than just information about Cisco.  And we can totally relate to that.  Cisco may be the market leader but it ain’t cheap to buy or use Cisco products. There are plenty of alternatives to Cisco that include Juniper and HP ProCurve and plan on featured more articles that are from more affordable network equipment companies.

We also see how you want more that just routing and switching.  So in the coming months we will be bringing you more information on Wireless, Voice and Security.

There is also a big desire for training too.  Training keeps us sharp, and more than that, helps us get better jobs and make more money.   So we are going to be setting up several classes to help network engineers!

Finally you’ve told us that the layout of could be better, with better navigation.  So sometime this year we will be giving a facelift with much need design changes and better layout and organization.

Those are a lot of changes and we are ready for it.

What kind of changes would like to see here at

Take our survey and help us Make Better!

And as always thanks for visiting and being apart of our community!


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