How To Reset Spectrum Router (3 Easy Ways)

How To Reset Spectrum Router

You know that a router reset often works to solve issues and you’d like to know how to reset a Spectrum router. 

We’re going to show you, not one, but three easy ways to get it done. The three methods we’ll cover are the online method, resetting a Spectrum router using the app, and the old-fashioned (but effective) manual reset. 

But why is this even necessary? Let’s kick off with a quick FYI. Routers should be rebooted from time to time to keep them working well. Sometimes, you have to take this to the next level with a full reset.

Doing so helps to clear the cache of unnecessary and potentially obstructive data, giving you a fresh start. It will even clear away malware. 

So, what’s the difference between rebooting and resetting? A reboot is a simple matter of turning something off and then on again.

A power cycle, or full reboot, means disconnecting your router from its power source for a little while.

A reset, on the other hand, returns your router to the state it was when you bought it. 

Before You Reset Your Spectrum Router

Spectrum Router Reset Button

Resetting a router is usually a last resort. Since you came here to find out how to do a reset, we will deal with that first, but it’s not the first fix you should attempt.

If you haven’t tried other methods, skip down a few paragraphs for some tips that may solve your issue without the need to fully reset your router. 

Method 1: Online Reset

Instead of doing your router reset the old-fashioned way, you can do it online through It probably won’t save you much time, but it’s really easy.

You will have to sign in to the website and then search for the Services and Equipment menu. 

This tab shows you all the devices your home network has online, and it also shows you your Wi-Fi Router. Click on the button.

You’ll see an option named “Reset Equipment” and clicking it will result in a prompt asking you to confirm whether you really want to do this. Clicking confirm will cause your Spectrum router to reset. 

Method 2: Spectrum App

Another way to reset your Spectrum router is to use the Spectrum app – supposing you have it installed on your phone.

If you haven’t it will probably be quicker to do a manual reset, but if you’d like to get the app anyway, now is the time to download it and get started. 

Once again, you will be required to log in using your Spectrum ID and password. If you’ve forgotten it, you will have to go through the process that initiates when you hit the “Forgot Password” option. 

Once you’re in, you’ll look for the “Services” option and select “Advanced WiFi Settings.” As with the website, you should see a “Reset Equipment” option. After clicking it, you will be required to hit “confirm” before your equipment resets. 

Just a note on why you might like to get the Spectrum app up and working: it has its advantages.

Chief among these is the fact that you can manage your Spectrum account no matter where you are – and that includes resetting your Spectrum router remotely. 

But it can come in handy even when you’re at home because it has a troubleshooting system that you can follow to track down the cause of internet access-related issues.

It’s probably not an app you’ll use every day, but it’s useful enough to consider installing it all the same. 

Method 3: Manual Reset

An old-fashioned manual reset is a sure-fire way to reset your router. The reset button will be recessed so that it can’t be pressed accidentally, so you will need a sharp-ish object that will fit into the pinhole. A bent-open paperclip is a great tool to use for this. 

Use it to press the reset button, and hold it in for about 30 seconds. This should make your Spectrum router reset and reboot.

Once it has restarted, you will have to reconfigure your router using the same process you applied when you first set it up. 

Have You Tried These Things First?

You may not need to reset your Spectrum router at all. Although we’re likely to blame our routers for Wi-Fi failures, there’s always a chance that there’s been a disruption in service on the part of your ISP. 

Even if your ISP isn’t to blame, you can sometimes fix problems with a simple reboot or a power cycle. Since the latter only takes a few minutes longer, you may as well start there.

Not sure what a power cycle is? It means unplugging your router and leaving it for a few minutes before plugging it in again and allowing it to reboot – and it often solves issues without the need for a full reset. 

Wondering why you have to leave it unplugged for a while? Your router has a built-in capacitor, and it doesn’t power down immediately it’s connected from the power outlet.

Since the whole point of a power cycle is to power down completely, you need to wait a little while to allow this to happen. 

While you’re trying for quicker fixes, check out your router’s cables to make sure they’re properly plugged in. You never know: that could be the problem and it only takes a few seconds to investigate. 

How Often Do You Need to Reset Your Spectrum Router?

It shouldn’t be necessary to reset a Spectrum router very often. In fact, it’s your last resort. But you may be able to avoid the type of problem that requires a reset to fix if you reboot fairly frequently.

Remember, rebooting is a simple matter of switching off, powering down, and then restarting. It doesn’t erase your router’s setup information while a reset does cause this to happen.

It’s usually recommended that routers be rebooted at least once a month, and some people even set up timer plugs to help them get this bit of housekeeping done on auto.

The reason why it’s necessary, is that a router has very limited storage capacity, and it helps to let it “forget” unnecessary data from time to time before the system gets so clogged that resetting is the only option. 

What if Resetting the Router Doesn’t Work?

Routers don’t last forever, and the issue you’re experiencing may not even originate in your home.

If you went so far as to do a factory reset and still have issues, it’s time to call customer support. Tell them about all the things you tried. 

They might want you to do another factory reset and another reconfiguration. After all, they’ll want to check that your continued problem doesn’t come from incorrect settings. Have patience and persevere with the process. 

If you suspect that there’s something wrong with the router itself and have a spare router, you can always try using it to confirm whether your Spectrum router has a high probability of being faulty.

Take your cables along so that they can be checked too.

And, depending on the efficiency of your ISP’s technicians, you might want to have your diagnosis confirmed by taking your router in to be checked instead of waiting for someone else to come and check it out. 

However, the basics are to check if you have service first, then try a simple power cycle before a reset, using a reset if the power cycle process doesn’t fix the problem.

Very often, one of these options gets your WiFi up and running again, saving you a whole lot of extra rigmarole. 

And, since we all rely on the internet nowadays, and love our WiFi, we hope that one of these methods and our information on how to reset a Spectrum router helped you to resolve your issue!


Will Resetting My Spectrum Router Improve My Internet Speed? 

Although results are not guaranteed, resetting your Spectrum router can lead to improved internet speeds. The process resets the memory storage and frees up space which allows for quicker internet speeds.

Resetting also solves various internet connection issues which also enable faster speeds.

What To Do If I Can’t Connect To The Internet After Resetting The Router? 

If you can’t connect to the internet after resetting your router, you can try other troubleshooting steps such as checking for loose or damaged cables, power cycling the router, updating firmware, or checking with your ISP if there is a local outage.

As a final step, contact the Spectrum customer service team for more advice.

What Does A Factory Reset Do? 

A factory reset removes all settings and data from a router and restores it to its default ‘factory’ settings. This means the device will restart in the mode it was when first installed.

Through clearing the memory and data, a factory reset is an effective solution to internet connectivity or software issues. However, as your previous settings and configurations will be removed, you will need to reconfigure your router again.

Daniele Besana

Daniele Besana

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