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juniper networksHow Can a Juniper Networks Infrastructure Benefit My Business?

By Derek Rogers

Does your company need a computer network infrastructure? If so, then you should consider Juniper Networks. Their products can create an environment for hastening the installation of applications and services over one network. Juniper can create outstanding solutions for expanding your company and catering to complex legacy networks.

Providing high-performance network infrastructures, Juniper can offer:

  • Fast installation and scaling of new applications and services
  • Operational upgrades to reduce a wide array of costs
  • Reliable accessibility to various applications and services
  • Safeguarding and recovery of applications and services against attacks

Since its creation, Juniper has been attempting to help businesses and organisations boost their productivity, by improving their IT infrastructures. Juniper remains a leader in the industry of network infrastructures, due to three specialties in network infrastructure: silicon design, unique network operation system, and architecture. Jupiter offers a wide variety of products in various specialties, including:

  • application acceleration
  • identity policy and control
  • management
  • routers
  • security
  • switching

Juniper Network’s Infrastructure can provide several benefits to businesses. For instance, the Juniper Networks Data Center can lower the total price of computer network ownership. It accomplishes this by an outstanding line of products. These products function in increasing the speed and adaptability of computer networks.

How do they accomplish that goal? Juniper Networks streamlines the design of a network, by reducing the number of devices and connections within the network. Furthermore, they make the security system more compact, thus increasing the efficiency and the capability of platforms. Meanwhile, improving the abilities of the routers improves the security, accessibility and effectiveness of applications. On the other hand, Juniper implements a single management system and a single operating system. The result is that applications within the network’s infrastructure become implemented faster and more effectively.

Recently, Juniper Networks introduced its next generational of Network Infrastructure (for the enterprise that is distributed). This included new models of Gateways and Ethernet Switches. These machines will be capable of providing more security at a lower cost. Thus, at locations of varying sizes, customers can create and install effective computer networks for a lower cost.

Why are these capabilities important? Organisations must provide sufficient business services to personnel who are located in a widespread geographic reason, without increasing risk, providing fewer choices, etc. Due to globalisation, today’s companies continue to become more widespread geographically. Thus, the numerous benefits that Juniper Networks is providing can be of great assistance to any IT organizations.

Finally, one of the major benefits of choosing Juniper Network’s infrastructure is its JUNOS Software. This software is easy to operate, yet extremely reliable as well. Juniper Networks’ JUNOS uses a modular architecture that helps to prevent an entire computer network from crashing.

When selecting computer network infrastructure, you should certainly consider Juniper Network. Juniper has become an industry leader, and can provide the best solutions to your networking infrastructure issues. When choosing a company to handle your networking infrastructure, choose the one named after the evergreen bush with purple berries: Juniper Networks!

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information about Network, he recommends Prodec Networks, a leading provider of Juniper Networks.

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  1. What about Brocade??? Cisco cli and same or better performance to Juniper. Also free next business day replacement lifetime warranty on all stackables. IMO brocade is much much better. Oh and they have WLAN and loadbalancers too!!! We priced out juniper last year and they were 30% more than brocade.

  2. Derek,

    Nice post. How do I get in touch with you if I have specific questions on this post?

    I'm on twitter at @furrier if you want to reach me. I have a question to followup with.

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