LG TV Won’t Connect To WiFi (Causes & Easy Fixes)

LG TV Won't Connect To WiFi

It can be frustrating if you are trying to stream your favorite movies or shows but your LG TV won’t connect to WiFi.

Network connectivity issues on your LG TV can be caused by corrupted/outdated firmware, device congestion, network interference, mismatch in the date and time, or the quick start feature being turned on.

Checking the TV’s network settings is the first thing to do to ensure that it is connected to the right network before proceeding.

Next, connect to a less crowded wireless band, change the time and date, or power cycle the router and TV.

This guide will explain in detail the causes and the solutions for your LG TV not connecting to your WiFi network.

Key Points

  • LG TVs can disconnect from WiFi for various reasons, but it is easy to fix.
  • The issue may reside with the TV or the router and can relate to a system settings issue, system congestion or software-related issues such as corrupt firmware.
  • The best solutions are to remove congestion from the network, try a different WiFi band or mobile hotspot, adjust TV or router settings, power cycle your devices or run a factory reset.

Causes of LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

The following are some of the reasons why your LG TV is not able to connect to the internet:

  • LG TV Quick Start – The quick start on your LG TV may prevent it from connecting to the internet. Most modern LG TVs use the quick start feature to quickly turn on the hardware. Sometimes this causes issues with loading important device firmware modules such as WiFi, hence your TV not being able to connect to WiFi.
  • Network Settings Automatic Optimization – If you have set up your router to optimize the WiFi internet automatically, your LG TV may have issues connecting to it. The auto-optimize function on your router can manipulate the TV data packets which destroys the compatibility between the LG TV and router.
  • The Location Country Settings Do Not Match – If the location country settings on your LG TV do not match the settings on your router, your TV will not be able to connect to WiFi.
  • Corrupt Firmware – If your router or the LG TV has corrupt firmware, their compatibility will disappear, and your TV won’t connect to the WiFi.
  • Other potential causes include:
    • Bug or network interference.
    • Device congestion.
    • Real date and time mismatch

Easy Fixes for LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

If your LG TV is not connecting to the WiFi, try the following solutions to resolve the issue:

#1. Remove Distractions from Other WiFi

First, check the settings of your LG TV to ensure that it is not connected to another WiFi such as a WiFi extender, that uses the same SSID and password.

#2. Connect to a Mobile Hotspot or A Different Wireless Band

If you have several devices connected to the same network, you will experience connectivity issues because of device congestion.

If your router has a 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band, connect your TV to the 5 GHz band so that it can operate with less congestion.

Alternatively, you can connect your LG TV to a wireless hotspot to see whether it can connect to a network at all.

Note that using a mobile hotspot will use a lot of data.

Here are the steps you can follow to connect to a mobile hotspot or wireless band on your TV:

  • On your LG TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Go to Settings > Network > WiFi Connection.
  • Select the mobile hotspot or a different wireless band.
  • Then try to connect to WiFi again.

#3. Disable Quick Start

The following are the steps that you can follow to disable the quick start function on your LG TV:

  • Navigate to Settings > All Settings > General.
  • Drag the toggle to disable QuickStart+ or QuickStart.
  • Turn off the LG TV and unplug its power cable.
  • Plug the power cable back into the TV after one minute.
  • Turn on the TV and see if it can connect to the internet.

If not, you can go to general settings and disable Live Plus.

#4. Change TV’s Location Country Settings

As explained earlier, if the location country setting is not correct, the WiFi on your LG TV will be turned off.

Also, if a user does not accept the license agreement according to the TV’s location, then the LG TV will not be able to connect to the internet and will have other issues.

Follow these steps to change the location country settings on your TV:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Location.
  • Then change the LG Services Country and Broadcast Country to your country.
  • Accept the license agreement if it is shown to restart your TV.
  • Then check if you have a WiFi connection. If not try the next step.

#5. Disable LG TV Automatic Date and Time

If there is a time and date conflict between the router and the television, you will have trouble connecting to the internet.

Follow the steps below to adjust the date and time on your LG TV:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Time & Date > Clock.
  • Change the Auto option to Manual.
  • Now set up the date and time manually.
  • Save the settings and then restart your TV.

#6. Update TV Firmware

If the firmware is outdated, there will be an incompatibility between the router and the TV. Updating the firmware of your TV will fix this problem.

To access the internet, connect your TV to a network via a smartphone hotspot or an ethernet cable then follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings > All Settings > General > About This TV.
  • Turn on Allow Automatic Updates.
  • Tap on Check for Update.
  • If there is an update, follow the instructions provided to install it.
  • Restart the TV once the update is installed then check the internet connection.

#7. Reset LG TV’s Firmware

Also, you can reset the LG TV’s firmware to factory default settings. Ensure that you take note of all the important information before the reset as all the data will be deleted.

Follow the steps below to reset the firmware:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Confirm the reset and wait for it to finish.
  • Check if it can connect to WiFi or not once the TV restarts.

#8. Power Cycle TV and Router

If there is a temporary communication glitch, the connection between your TV and the WiFi might be disabled. This will discharge the static current on most internet components and put them in their default state.

Fortunately, doing a power cycle on both the router and the LG TV can solve this issue.

Here are the steps to power cycle your router and LG TV:

  • Go to your TV settings and remove the WiFi if possible.
  • Turn the TV off and unplug the power cable from the power outlet.
  • Remove all the devices attached to the LG TV including HDMI and USB.
  • Turn off the router and disconnect the power cable of the modem or router from the power outlet.
  • Disconnect other cables from the router’s ports.
  • Give it a few minutes before reconnecting the power cable to your router.
  • Wait for the router to be powered on completely, that is when the lights are stable.
  • Connect the power cable to the LG TV and switch it on.
  • Now check if the TV is connected to the WiFi.

#9. Disable Network’s Auto Optimization

Most modern modems or routers come with an Auto Optimize Network function. It blocks traffic from high-density wireless networks and allows the router to use the 5 GHz band to connect to high-performing devices.

If this feature is turned on in your router, then your TV will have issues connecting to the WiFi.

Therefore, disable it using the steps below:

  • Open the router’s web portal and click on the Settings.
  • Click on Site, then disable Auto-Optimize Network.
  • Apply the changes then restart your router.
  • Now restart the TV to see if it can connect to the WiFi.

#10. Reset Router Settings

Similarly, if your router’s firmware is corrupt, your TV will not detect the WiFi. Factory resetting your router can help solve the problem.

Make sure you write down all the important configurations and credentials that you will use to set up the router again as they will be deleted.

Here are the steps for the factory reset:

  • Press the reset button and hold it for at least 30 seconds. You can use a needle or a pin if it is too small.
  • Now release the button and give the router time to restart.
  • Reconfigure the router once it is restarted.

#11. Use a Streaming Box or Ethernet Cable

If at this point your TV is still not connected to the WiFi, then there could be an issue with the WiFi card.

Try adding WiFi to your TV using a streaming box or if your TV has an ethernet port, connect it directly to the router using an ethernet cable and create a wired connection.

#12. Contact Customer Support

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above but your LG TV still will not connect to the WiFi, then it is time to contact LG customer support for further assistance.

They may offer extra troubleshooting tips for you to follow at home. But if the issue requires professional attention, they will recommend a service centre and you can take the TV to them to be checked.  

Other Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to the above solutions, here are some other fixes that can help you connect your LG TV to the internet:

  • Disable the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band in the router settings.
  • Change your router’s IP address.
  • Disable DNS filtering on your router.
  • Go to the settings of your router and disable PNF (protected management frames).
  • Clean your TV’s WiFi card.
  • Get a new LG TV if there is nothing else you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset WiFi Password On LG TV?

Follow the steps below to reset the password of your WiFi on your LG TV:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your TV.
  • Then select the Network or Network connection option to open the settings.
  • Select the WiFi network you want to update the password for.
  • Then click on the option to ‘Remove’ or ‘Forget’ the network.
  • Once you have forgotten the network, choose the same WiFi from the list of networks available. The TV will then ask you to enter the new password.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard or the TV remote to accurately enter the new password.
  • Now select ‘Connect’ or ‘OK’ to confirm the new password.
  • Your TV will now connect to the WiFi using the new password. You will see a confirmation message showing that the connection has been created.

Can I Use My Phone As A Remote For My LG TV?

Yes. You can download the LG TV Remote app on your phone and use it as a remote. This app provides you with the same functionalities and features as your physical remote.

It enables you to navigate the TV’s menu, change channels, adjust volume, launch apps, and conveniently control other settings on your phone.

What Is WiFi Error Code 106?

If you see a WiFi error code 106, it means that your LG TV has a network connection problem.

This error can happen because of signal interference, incorrect network settings, or issues with the router or the WiFi access point.

To troubleshoot, move your LG TV closer to the router, restart the router and TV, update firmware, verify network settings, check for signal interference, or do a factory reset as the last resort.

Final Words

When your LG TV cannot connect to the internet, your home theatre experience can be affected.

Understanding what causes the issue will enable you to apply some of the practical steps mentioned above and you can restore your TV’s internet connection in no time.

Be it adjusting the date and time settings, doing a simple power cycle, or updating your router’s and TV’s firmware, your LG TV will reconnect to the WiFi.

If the solutions do not work, contact LG customer care for professional assistance.

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