No Nortel VPN Client for Vista 64bit… yet

nortel logo graphicI’ve been doing a bit of work on Nortel Contivity VPN equipment lately and have been running into some mis-information that I hope I could clear up here.

I got a request the other day from a customer who needed VPN access into their company that was running 64bit version of Microsoft Vista. I did some searching and it seemed that a 64bit was available. Various post on Nortel’s site explained one was available and I even found a post on Microsoft’s website that a version was available. But I couldnt find it for download (with a support agreement) anywhere!

So, I called Nortel tech support. Usually just the thought of calling tech support makes be queezy but this call went very well. The support tech told me that a version supposed to be released however there was some delays in development and the client would not be released until October of 2008!!

Bad news for my customer but at least we got a straight answer! Not if Microsoft and Nortel would just update thier websites we all would be a lot happier





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  1. Hi,

    Can someone send me the nortel vpn client for x64 version vista on

    Many Thanks in advance


    Rajneesh Kumar

    • Raj,
      Due to the terms of use with Nortel, I'm not able to provide this software. Its cryptographic material and there are restrictions on the distribution of that type of software. You will need a support agreement with Nortel to obtain it.. or you can always look out on the bit torrent sites or on news groups. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi,

    Can someone send me the x64 version on, rename it to a txt file. I can only dowload the 6.7 027 version which isn't working on my X64 vista machine, I don't want to roll back vista x86.


  3. @Kritian – Yes thats correct. It is out. You still need a support agreement to download it but it is available from Nortel site.

  4. FYI, the Nortel Vista 32-bit and 64-bit clients were released on December 16, 2008. I just downloaded it from the Nortel web site,but of course you need a support contract in order to grab it.

  5. Yup after waiting for an x64 client for over a year, and as more and more employees in our company are buying home PCs that have 4GB+ memory and thus Vista x64 installed, our IT department has decided to finally dump Nortel and move to an SSL solution that should support all platforms. Can't happen soon enough.

    I've been running a WinXP virtual machine just so I can VPN and RDC into work machine when necessary. So annoying to be two layers abstracted from my actual desktop.

  6. We just heard back from Nortel and the release has been pushed back again until December. I wouldnt doubt it gets pushed back again.

    Many of the people I have been frustrated with this also and are working to simply replace the Nortels. Most are going with an SSL VPN solution for more ease of administration.

  7. Hello!

    do you know if this has been released yet? i am in desparate need of one. Thanks!

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